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The Premise: Ezekiel Stone was a cop. Then, one fateful day, he arrived home to discover that his wife had been raped. Tracking down the man responsible, Stone killed him in cold blood. When he died, he found himself sent to Hell for his crime. Now, 15 years later, 113 of the most evil souls have escaped from Hell and are roaming free across the Earth, so the Devil releases Zeke to hunt them down, his reward for success being a second chance at life. His task is to seek the escapees who may have acquired inhuman powers and return them to Hell by shooting out their eyes, the windows to the soul.

Background: After attempts to find a suitable lead-in to Millennium met with a very low degree of success (they were all cancelled), Fox commissioned Brimstone, executive produced by its star Peter Horton, in the hope that it could succeed where its forebears had failed…

First Run: Brimstone ran from October 23 1998 through to February 12 1999.

Number of Episodes: The show lasted half a season of 13 episodes, meaning there are roughly 100 souls out there that still need to be returned to Hell.

Good Guys: Well, there’s Ezekiel (Peter Horton). And the Devil (John Glover), who isn’t such a bad guy once you get to know him, and he does help Zeke with his mission. Lastly there’s Detective Ash (Teri Polo) who runs into Ezekiel occasionally. She seems to have a thing for dead men, as she finds Zeke quite sexy.

Bad Guys:
Anyone who’s been in Hell except Stone. And the Devil. Kind of (see above).

And Isn’t That...
Peter Woodward, about to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame on the abruptly halted Crusade, appears as a priest from Hell in the pilot. Lori Petty of Tank Girl fame plays Max, a woman who helps Stone from time to time. Louise ‘Kai Winn’ Fletcher from DSN puts in another genre appearance as the mother of a killer.

Overdone Clichés: Sadly, the format of the series itself is somewhat repetitive.

Fashion Statements: Large grey overcoats are very ‘in’. In fact, grey in general is pretty big in the Brimstone world, with each episode shot with a kind of grainy washed-out look to make the world look less pleasant. Fugitives from the Devil invariably have some kind of power involving a glowing effect.

Paul Spragg
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The stars of Brimstone
Back to Life
The first episode sets up the premise rather well, and features a decidedly creepy priest. Some good fun with the Devil too.

Stone discovers that his latest target is the man who raped his wife, who is all set to do the same to another unsuspecting young woman. A good chance for Stone to confront his demons.

The best episode of the series as Detective Ash and Stone get closer, and the detective makes a frightening discovery. Contains an unexpected and very clever twist.
Back to Hell
In Lovers a gangster from Hell returns to collect the money he’s owed. Utterly predictable, right down to the final reel ‘revelation’..

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