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Star Trek: Voyager
• Jeri Ryan & Kate Mulgrew interviewed! We talk to Voyager's leading ladies about the latest season and their future plans. Here's part of our chat with Jeri Ryan

Cartman and Kenny with Trey ParkerSouth Park
• Trey Parker and Matt Stone on the origins of the offbeat (and frequently offensive) show with an impressive celebrity following. "We realized we could probably meet whoever we wanted," they say.
Catch Channel 4's South Park Night on 3rd May!

Robert Leeshock as KincaidEarth: Final Conflict
• Robert Leeshock chats about playing hybrid humanoid Liam Kincaid, star of year two of Gene Roddenberry's creation. Learn the difficulties of playing such a unique character, and exciting details of the (oddly familiar) season-end cliffhanger.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
• In Cult TV circles Armin Shimerman is well-known as the Ferengi bartender, Quark. But to the burgeoning legion of Buffy fans he is Principal Snyder. We head him off to compare his two roles.

  • Seven pages of news: The latest on Star Trek, Xena loses The Way, and details of the fifth and final series of Sliders
  • pull-out posters of both the South Park regulars and Seven of Nine
  • Instant Guide to Highlander: the Raven
  • Guest List interviews with Cult TV mainstay Tucker Smallwood and Doctor Who's Christopher Benjamin
  • A look at the classic Blake's 7 episode Orbit
  • Highlights from Out of the Box, our 30-page listings guide to Cult TV in (what's left of) May are finally here. No, we didn’t forget. We’re just really busy.
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