May 1999 Out of the Box
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Highlight of the month

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
What's My Line? Part One
Sky 1, Friday 28th, 21.00
As Buffy contemplates the possibility of a career outside slaying, Spike sends an order of assassins to make her current calling come to an abrupt end. However, this is a mere distraction from his kidnapping of Angel to revitalize Drusilla...
After months of tense waiting, the moment Buffy fans have been waiting for is here: yes, the series is back on Sky for some new episodes (well, after a clutch of reruns like this). Taking over where the BBC were to leave the series (or so was the plan) What's My Line? is a major shake-up, with character relationships changing, and some new revelations about Buffy's boyfriend. All this and a shock new arrival in Sunnydale... (Paul Spragg)
Character Pic © Fox
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Amanda and Nick Highlander: The Raven
Dead on Arrival
Sci-Fi: Friday, 20.30
What do you do when your show is about to end (possibly forever if the season's ratings are anything to go by) and you want to spice it up a bit and promote interest in a second year? Well, how about getting Amanda, Nick and an Immortal magician named Peyton and doing something cataclysmic?
So, what's Peyton's place in all this? Well, he's the bad guy and he's got some deadly green gas that's going to really ruin someone's day, and just who is the one who willl be DOA as the title suggests? Well now, that weould be telling wouldn't it. Suffice to say it's Raven's turn to do what The Darkness did for Highlander: The Series. Intrigued? Let's just say it's a kind of magic! (Grant Kempster)
pic © Rysher Entertainment
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