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The Premise: The immortal Amanda takes flight from Highlander: The Series and hatches her own show. She's up to her old tricks, a bit of stealing here, a bit of pilfering there, when she accidentally gets entangled with cop (and warrior if you take heed of the opening titles) Nick Wolfe. All sorts of fun and capers ensue as the series looks for a firm direction, pushing the whole 'will they/won't they' angle beyond reasonable limits.

Background: Initially, the lead in the spin-off series from Highlander was to be played by an unknown, indeed almost the whole of the sixth season was a breeding ground for the new talent. Alas the people who were going to back the new show weren't impressed and did a runner. So the show went it alone, found support and brought in old fave Amanda.

First Run: The show began in the US on 21st September 1998, airing on Sci-Fi in the UK soon after.

Number of Episodes: 22 episodes all together, 12 in Toronto and 10 in Paris.

Good Guys: Amanda, more of a magpie than a raven, and Nick, the now ex-cop who tries to come to terms with her doing naughty things. On the sidelines there's Nick's occasional boss, Bert Myers, whose past is slowly revealed throughout the course of the season, and Nick's ex-captain, Carl Magnus, who he seems to feel obliged to help out occasionally. On Amanda's team there's Lucy, her housemate and confidante; Basil, a weaselly looking Immortal with a flair for fencing; and Liam, an Irish Immortal priest who's taken over the position Darius held in the first season of Highlander: The Series.

Bad Guys:
The show inherits Highlander's bad guy of the week policy, however the ones who have stood out include: Stefan from Immunity, the quirky Immortal who just has to wack off heads in the right order or it will upset his little list; John Ray Fielding from The Unknown Soldier, who is one of the few to actually have depth; and finally Peyton from Dead on Arrival, the season finale, purely for the fact that he accomplishes in one episode what most of us have wished for all season.

And Isn’t That...
Philip Akin (Charlie from Highlander: The Series) pops up as a character called Simon Clark who along with Valentine Pelka (Kronos from H:TS) as evil immortal Korda really messes with continuity.

Overdone Clichés: Throwing Nick and Amanda together by accident is the popular theme for the first half of the season.

Fashion Statements: When you're out to slice someone's noggin off, make sure you're wearing black leather and swooshy long cloaks. Or coats.

Grant Kempster
Good Cop
The Unknown Soldier
The first show to actually deal with Amanda's change of personality.

The Rogue
Our first real foray into Paris is a wonderful taste of things to come, the words that spring to mind are "It's good to be back".

Dead on Arrival
Changes in store for Nick as the season reaches its dramatic conclusion.
Bad Omen
Regrettably, most of the first half of the season, in particular the episodes Bloodlines and Full Disclosure.
Highlander: The Raven Sci-Fi: Fridays, 20.30; Sundays, 23.00
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