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Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• We put Alyson Hannigan in detention, as she talks about recent changes for Buffy's best friend - the bewitching Willow - now also available in leather-clad vampire version. Take a look at an extract

Seven of Nine meets royalty!Star Trek: Voyager
• As the new series begins on Sky One, we look at what the Delta Quadrant has in store early in Season Five. Plus: File Under... examines Season Three's Distant Origin

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

• A Ferengi/Vorta combo as Jeffrey Combs explains what it's like to be two characters in the same series, and how he put Jonathan Frakes out of a job

Nigel Bennett in Forever Knight vamp styleForever Knight
• More bloodsuckers as Nigel Bennett tells of his time as the popular show's vampire LaCroix, adversary of heroic Nick Knight. "LaCroix makes most vampires look like wimps", he says

Hercules & Xena
• Bruce Campbell, the man behind Autolycus, King of Thieves, steels himself for our questions on his face-offs with two mythical heroes, and his role as Ash in cult film classic Evil Dead..

• NEWS! Crusade finally gives up the ghost, a look back at Comic Relief's Doctor Who and forward to Chris Carter's new show Harsh Realm • Nicola Walker, chalking up a lead role in apocalyptic new ITV drama The Last Train, on filming a devastated Earth • Listings and highlights of Cult TV in April coming soon.... Why not check this month's highlights? (March highlights still available: they're funny because they're true)

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