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Earth Shattering
Float Like a Butterfly
Boone saves an Amish community from a Jaridian probe in a surprisingly effective cross between Star Trek and Witness.

The treacherous Zo’or makes his unforgettable debut in this cleverly plotted tale.

The Joining
Ha’gel goes on the pull and Boone cashes his chips in Season One’s electrifying finale.

A Stitch in Time
A Time-travelling Liam must save the Resistance in this exciting showcase for Robert Leeshock.
Final Insults
During its first season, exceptional acting and intelligent writing breathed life into even the most unremarkable ideas. However, nothing can save ridiculous high-concept second season instalments like Redemption, Isabel and The Gauntlet, which will leave viewers wondering if annihilation is underrated.

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Earth: Final Conflict Sky 1: Sunday, 20.00

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The Premise: In the early 21st Century, Humanity plays host to a seemingly benevolent alien race known as the Taelons. Although the Taelons’ arrival heralds a new age of prosperity for Earth, their true motives become increasingly suspicious and eventually inspire the creation of an underground resistance movement.

Background: The brainchild of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Earth: Final Conflict began life as Battleground: Earth back in 1976. Prior to the show’s production, however, Roddenberry shelved the project to work on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Twenty-one years later, his alien invasion saga was resurrected, revised and renamed by film producer David Kirschner (An American Tail, Child’s Play), with the blessing of its late creator’s widow, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry.

First Run: US Premiere: October 6th, 1997.T

Number of Episodes: 44 by the second season finale.

The Resistance: The movement originally centred on undercover agent William Boone (Kevin Kilner, Season One). Following Boone’s death his role was adopted by the mysterious Human-Kimera hybrid Liam Kincaid (Robert Leeshock, Season Two). Also defending Earth against the aliens are US Marine pilot Captain Lili Marquette (Lisa Howard), hedonistic computer genius Augur (Richard Chevolleau), former Resistance leader-turned-Presidential candidate Jonathan Doors (David Hemblen), CVI specialist Dr Julianne Belman (Majel Barrett-Roddenberry), and alternate universe freedom fighter Maiya (Montse Viader, Season Two).

The Taelon 'enemy'The 'Enemy':The treacherous Taelon leader, Zo’or (Anita La Selva), and his CVI-enhanced Human operatives, Agent Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores) and Captain Siobhan Beckett (Kari Matchett). The enigmatic Companion to Washington, Da’an (Leni Parker), may or may not fall into this group.

And Isn’t That...
Cube star Maurice Dean Wint and Forever Knight’s Lacroix, alias Nigel Bennett, both sink their teeth into Live Free or Die and Pandora’s Box; Highlander: The Raven’s Paul Johansson flies to the rescue in Destruction; and just to make life confusing, Leni Parker plays the Taelons Ma’el and Quo’on in various first season episodes.

Overdone Clichés: This season, Liam’s knack for saving the day with a newly-discovered ability swiftly becomes tiresome, as does the repetitive Jaridian replicant-of-the-week plotline.

Fashion Statements: Come the 21st Century, leather, nylon and lycra rock. And bald definitely is beautiful – just ask Da’an, Zo’or or Augur.

David Bassom
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