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Kate Mulgrew Here's an extract taken from our up-to-the-minute news section from the latest. Cult Times, issue #41.

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Kate Mulgrew Quits Voyager!

Following on from last issue's report of Kate Mulgrew wishing to leave Voyager, The New York Daily News dated 10th January picked up the story and declared, "Talking with TV critics here, a highly emotional Kate Mulgrew, who stars as Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager, vowed Friday to seek an early release from Starfleet and her contract. Praising the show and her colleagues, Kate said she wanted to devote more time to her teenage children and to her impending marriage to Tim Hagan, a Cleveland politician. She also said she couldn't continue working 80-hour weeks, and that she was fed up with Hollywood, which she said lacks intimacy, a sense of community and the cultural energy of New York, which she plans to return to for theatre work. Paramount, responding at warp speed, issued a statement in which Mulgrew says that she "cannot imagine not participating in [Voyager's] entire run, whatever that may be." Despite other sources confirming The Daily News's story, the actress has since been quoted as saying that her words had been taken out of context, and that she intends to stay till the end of the series.

Crusade Episode One

Dr Who - The Crusade

Not news on the much-awaited opener of JMS's B5 spin-off, but a long-lost episode of Doctor Who! The Lion (the first episode of second season historical adventure The Crusade) was returned to the BBC by a private collector in New Zealand, who until recently was un-aware that the episode was missing from the archives. Last seen in Britain on its first transmission in March and April 1965, The Crusade was scripted by David Whitaker (Doctor Who's first story editor and a huge influence on the show's origins), and is widely regarded as a particularly strong example of early Who.

The episode is currently being cleaned-up by the BBC's restoration team, and it is probable that the episode will eventually be released on video to recoup the cost of this work. There are still two out of the four parts missing (episode three, The Wheel of Fortune, was never lost), so it is likely to be appended to a future video release in the manner of the recently recovered clips included in last year's Ice Warriors boxed set, which also included a documentary about the missing episodes. Episode three was previously issued on The Hartnell Years which has since been deleted.

A great deal of progress has been made in recovering Doctor Who junked by the BBC when the material seemed to be of no further value. This is, however, the first complete episode to be recovered in seven years, bringing the total number missing down to 109. The search for these remaining episodes, which include the majority of second Doctor Patrick Troughton's time in the series, continues…

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