January 1999 Out of the Box
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Witch:
Off to a great start for the first episode of Buffy proper, taking up its regular slot on the Beeb, although there could be a few cuts. As Buffy tries to get used to her new town and having a life outside slaying vampires, she decides to obtain some normality through joining the cheerleading squad. Despite this throwing her into direct competition with Cordelia (something few people come out of alive), Buffy is determined. Until the squad starts to get hit by strange ailments, and the Slayer realizes she is at Weirdness Central again.
Smart scripting, and some truly scary effects make a great episode of Buffy. Miss it at your peril. (PS) pic © Warner
9th-15th January Cult Times Logo
Voyager Scorpion II Earth: Final Conflict
First of its Kind:
Sly One Sunday, 20.00 • FIRST UK SHOWING
A new series, and a new lead for E:FC, but the overall arc and the impressive special effects remain. This week, Beckett gives birth to a hybrid, the Taelons reveal some of their plan, and a new player in the conflict arrives. Although the episode is rather overplotted, it does introduce newborn Robert Leeshock effectively, even if he does fill Boone’s role a little too similarly by saving Da’an’s life, much as his predecessor did. (PS) pic © Atlantis
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Smoke me a Kipper Red Dwarf
Dimension Jump:
UK Gold, Saturday, 22.15 & Tuesday, 21.00
While the Red Dwarf crew are out and about, Starbug is hit by a mysterious craft, piloted by the dimension hopping Ace Rimmer, a parallel universe version of our dear Arnold. Of course, this is all too much for the Rimmsy we know, who can no longer blame his life’s failures on his parents, as Ace had the same ones. Therefore, unbridled jealousy is the theme of the day... The original and best Ace Rimmer episode, the character would later become of vital importance to the series to write out Chris Barrie in Red Dwarf VII. Oh, and let’s not forget Amateur Hammond Organ Recital Night. (PS) pic © BBC
23rd-29thJanuary Cult Times Logo
One Little Dr. Bashir Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
One Little Ship:
Sky OneMonday, 20.00
It had to happen. The old miniature ship trick finally crops up in Star Trek, and the result is surprisingly effective. O’Brien, Bashir and Dax are miniaturised along with a shuttlecraft in order to better study a spatial phenomenon. However, when the Defiant is attacked and overrun by Jem’Hadar soldiers, the tiny crew must find a way to help their crewmates fight back. Okay, it’s always been a bit of a daft idea, but the episode is done with such total seriousness that it comes off without ever seeming silly, even when O’Brien and Bashir are surrounded by giant-sized electrical equipment. Plus, there are the first rumblings of discontent among Dominion forces as a power play begins between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrant-born Jem’Hadar. (PS)
pic © Paramount
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