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Star Trek
Voyager's Roxann Dawson, the lost starship's B'Elanna Torres, shares stories of the last year on board, including: acting with a big baby (and Robert Duncan McNeill), getting to know new crew member Jeri Ryan, and preparing to direct the series. Now you can sample this feature...
Gone for a BurtonPLUS!
• LeVar Burton – The Next Generation's Geordi La Forge for seven years on TV. But that's not all. He talks about the feature films that followed the success of the series, and also directing Deep Space Nine and Voyager - including the latter's recently recorded 100th episode Timeless

Babylon 5
• Back on your TV screens! See those last few precious episodes this very December, with the final episode, Sleeping in Light, being broadcast on the first day of 1999! This issue we talk to Bill Mumy who's heading for a dramatic exit from the series in the penultimate episode, Objects at Rest (C4: Dec 31st, 11.45)

Xena and Hercules
• star Robert Trebor on his role as the wily entrepreneur of the ancient world - Salmoneus

Highlander: The Raven
• Hot on the tail of Paul Johanssen (last month's star interview) comes Elizabeth Gracen whose immortal Amanda has crossed over from the original Highlander series. She's ready to present us with a new spin on this ages-old tale

FREE POSTERS! • After reading our Highlander interviews, why not proudly display this month's poster of its two attractive stars? Or if that's not your cup of tea, liven your wall up with the Klingon themed poster on the reverse

PLUS! Red Dwarf VIII - news on the imminent return of the successful SF-Comedy • The X-Files - guest star interviews and a close-up on three classic episodes to be broadcast this month • Our Instant Guide to Sky TV favourite Stargate SG-1 • Cult TV Listings and highlights of choice viewing in December – choice cuts available here soon. Sample our current highlights now, why don't you? here
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