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Doctor Who This month marks the 35th anniversary of Doctor Who's first historic appearance. To commemorate the occasion, we look at what the series has stood for over the years, with a run down of ten landmark stories that signalled major changes

Star Trek: The Next Generation A new movie is on its way, but what exactly will that mean for Marina Sirtis? She tells us how her character - Deanna Troi - has recently been lightened up from introspective intellectual to wacky Space babe!

Babylon 5J Michael Straczynski talks to Cult Times about the new TV movies and the fans' reaction to them. And as the unveiling of Crusade moves closer he reveals his approach to the new spin-off series

Highlander: The RavenHard-as-nails police officer meets glamorous blond Immortal for potential romance and the decapitation of the forces of evil. Premièring on the Sci-Fi Channel UK this month, mere weeks after its US broadcast, we hear from the mortal half of the team, Nick Wolfe, alias Paul Johansson. The opening story's also our Highlight of the Month

FREE POSTERS!Poster collection lacking a few Next Generation pin-ups? Craving this issue's attractive wraparound Doctor Who cover, featuring all eight Doctors, as wall-adornment? Well, fret no longer. Simply pluck them out of the middle and dive for the blu-tac.

PLUS! • Earth: Final Conflict - back on Sky in the new year, we take a brief peek behind the scenes The X-Files and Deep Space Nine - Guest Star interviews Instant Guide to the '80s classic VNovember Cult TV Listings and our hand-picked programmes of the month. Sample our current highlights if you please.

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