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Star Trek • Probably the most famous Sci-Fi icons in the universe... Kirk and Spock are boldly interviewed in this issue! We talk to their earthly alter egos, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, about their Star Trek memories and their current genre-related projects.

Babylon 5 • Richard Biggs - better known as B5's Dr Stephen Franklin - shares his thoughts on the final days of the series.

The X-Files • Chris Carter, the show's creator and executive producer, reveals in what direction he plans to take the next season, following the success of this summer's blockbuster movie release.

Due South • Eagerly awaiting the show's return to the BBC? The repeats on UK Gold not enough for you? Then join us as we interview long-serving regular Ramona Milano, alias Ray's sister, Francesca Vecchio.

Doctor Who • 31 years after its original broadcast, The Tomb of the Cybermen is back on TV. We take a detailed look at this magnificent story, including its very best moments and its impact on subsequent generations…

PLUS! • Red DwarfDoomwatch - back in production for the '90s • All the latest on Star Trek: Insurrection • Instant Guide to 3rd Rock from the Sun • and comprehensive satellite, cable and terrestrial TV listings for all your favourite Cult shows, including new digital broadcasts! Sample our current highlights, why don't you?

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