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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine • Following Jadzia Dax's tragic departure from the series we hear from Terry Farrell about her experiences as the alluring half-woman-half-alien-worm. To find out more, click here

Babylon 5 • Michael O'Hare - B5's first commander, Jeffrey Sinclair - talks about the early days of one of Sci-Fi's biggest successes.

The X-Files • As Season Five finally gets out there on BBC1, there's a chance to look further into the background of Mulder's quirky back-up team, The Lone Gunmen. Dean Haglund (Gunman Langly) takes us through his recent work on The X-Files, including his work on the movie.

LEXX • Major guest stars, ground-breaking use of CGI and the some of the most bizarre stories ever. Catch up with misfits Zev, Kai and Stan as the LEXX movies air on the Sci-Fi Channel in the run up to a new season.

NEW SEASON PREVIEW! What's new in the world of Cult TV? Get a sneak preview of the very latest Sci-Fi and Fantasy starting out (or on the way back) in the US this autumn.

PLUS! • The SimpsonsDoctor Who • Casting news on CrusadeInstant Guide to the '70s Tomorrow People • and our comprehensive UK terrestrial and satellite cult television listings for September (for highlights, click here)

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