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The X-Files
The world’s top-rated Sci-Fi show has just made her a movie star. Gillian Anderson on life in and beyond the latest X-Files, and her close relationship with slime, as Dana Scully goes International. For a taster, click here

Being the leading parallel-Earth hopper, Quinn Mallory, wasn't enough. in the now-airing fourth season, he produces and often directs too. Workaholic Jerry O’Connell talks about ringing the changes with a revamped sliding team, including his newcomer brother Charlie. Plus a free cast poster!

Babylon 5
One year after Ivanova’s sudden departure, Claudia Christian reflects on four Commanding years, her Highlander appearance and her future plans. Plus the origins of B5 in The Gathering, re-running uncut this month.

Star Trek: Voyager
Here’s another (Lieutenant) Commander with four seasons’ experience. Tim Russ, the Vulcan Tuvok, talks during a brief return from the Delta Quadrant. Plus two of The Killing Game’s Hirogen make our Guest List, and an exclusive poster of Voyager’s current crew.

Back on BBC1, having also reached its fourth season, the series' technological whiz-kids now include Steven Houghton. The ex-star of London's Burning is now playing the previously-Australian action guy Ed. He talks about gadgets, stunts and stardom.

Plus • Instant Guide to Due SouthDS9’s re-cast Dax • Lexx in production • Crusade update • full UK terrestrial and satellite cult television listings for August (for current highlights, click here)

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