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USS Voyager in The Year of Hell Star Trek: Voyager
SKY 1 Year of Hell: Mondays 8th & 15th June, 20.00
Time travel has been a successful part of the Star Trek universe for many years; Star Trek IV, First Contact, Yesterday's Enterprise, All Good Things… All rather splendid yarns. And now Voyager takes a piece of the temporal action with Year of Hell… a two-part adventure every bit as enthralling as its forebears.
The rather curiously named Annorax (I kid ye not) uses an immense vessel to alter the space / time continuum in an effort to restore his species to their former glory. With each change comes an alteration to our beloved Voyager, with varying degrees of severity...
Some truly astonishing special effects help make this a similarly exciting visual treat, and Kate Mulgrew gives her all as a Janeway strained to breaking point by a faltering ship and a seemingly invincible enemy.
Don't miss it. (Tim Leng)
Voyager pic © Paramount

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Sliders Sliders
BBC 2 The Guardian: Wednesday, 18.45
As the Sliders arrive on a world where it is still the 1980's, Quinn is reeling from learning a secret about Arturo. Quinn's father died when he was a child and upon seeing the double of his younger self at the funeral, he decides to change his younger self's life so that the boy will not have to go through the same bullying and heartache that Quinn went through. Directed by Adam Nimoy, this brilliant episode was the last written by series creator Tracy Tormé and takes a poignant look at how the choices we make affect our lives. (Jon Miller)
Sliders pic © Fox

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X-Files The X-Files
SKY 1 All Souls: Sunday, 21.00
Good heavens! The X-Files takes on Millennium with All Souls - as it concerns an alleged fight between Heaven and Hell over the souls of four fallen angels. Despite even borrowing one of Millennium's best 'mood' directors (Allen Coulter), All Souls outdoes its sister show here because it has more backstory elements of the lead characters to draw on than its younger sibling. Duchovny literally phones in his performance (though the porn cinema joke is a hoot), leaving centre stage for Anderson. Like Revelations, this is an intensely personal and moving case for Scully as she sees not only possible religious visions but the ghost of Emily (as seen in the earlier two-parter). The opening scene alone packs an extraordinary visual and emotional punch. (Ian Calcutt)
X-Files pic © Fox
UK Gold Bureau of Weapons & A Cage for Satan: Thursday, 21.00
Criminal genius Jean Daniel has been planning his revenge against the people who put him in jail: the Bugs team. Now released, Daniel is using his latest creation, a sentient computer virus, to take over the world.
Infecting humans as well as machines, the Cyberax virus takes control of the staff at the Bureau of Weapons, killing several, and later infecting Ros. Her only hope is that she remains unaware of the virus, which lies dormant until the host knows of its existence.
A complex technological and emotional tale, A Cage For Satan shows that when Bugs pulls out all the stops, it can come up with exciting and clever concepts. (Paul Spragg)

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Quantum Leap Quantum Leap
SKY 1 What Price Gloria?: Thursday, 20.00
Sam is overjoyed to hear someone calling his name when he leaps. Unfortunately, in this instance Sam is short for Samantha, and Dr Beckett realizes for the first time that she... erm... he isn't always guaranteed to leap into a man. Getting to grips with the disturbing world of underwear is only the first of Sam's problems, as when he gets to work, he is confronted by his boss, an unpleasant man who sexually harasses his employees.
What Price Gloria? is at turns dramatic, touching and downright hilarious, the best element being when Al reveals that he perceives Sam as his host body and this leap, Al can't get enough of the body in question! (Paul Spragg)
Quantum Leap pic © Universal
The Simpsons
BBC2 Treehouse of Horror I: Friday, 18.00
The very first Simpsons Hallowe'en special set a high standard for those that followed. Bad Dream House is a tale in which the Simpsons move home to a haunted house. References to Horror films abound, including the apparently obligatory yearly reference to a house built on an Indian burial ground à la Poltergeist.
Hungry Are The Damned is a superb parody of the Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man featuring aliens whose use of two tractor beams on Homer is a superb visual joke. Finally, The Raven is a reading of Poe's poem with the family starring, although it does mean the raven now quoth "Eat my shorts"... (Paul Spragg)

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Babylon 5 Babylon 5
CHANNEL 4 Pheonix Rising: Sunday, 12.45 & Monday, 01.00
Believe it or not, we've already seen one sequence from Phoenix Rising, a fast moving tale which concludes - for the moment at least - the rogue telepaths' story arc. In last season's finale, The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, Joe Straczynski treated viewers to some glimpses of the future - and in one of these Michael Garibaldi was held hostage by the 'blips' in a damaged Medlab. When he protests, one of his captors raises a gun and apparently fires. Is this the end of the Alliance's troubled Head of Covert Intelligence? Probably not, but a happy ending seems unlikely as Psi Cop Bester (Walter Koenig) takes control of the escalating situation on B5, and plans to end Byron's cause once and for all… (David Richardson)
Babylon 5 pic © TNT
South Park
SKY 1 Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut: Saturday, 22.00 & Sunday 23.00
At last we reach the quintessential 'who-dunnit' of the Century! It's been a rip roaring 13 weeks since we first witnessed the maladjusted, foul-mouthed kids from Colorado's South Park, and now, regretfully, we see them for the last time this season! (Fear not, they will be back.)
Many a doubt has been cast over the standard of Cartman's Mother's morality in the past, from accusations about appearing in Crack Whore magazine to taking advantage of poor defenceless kitty. However, now we enter the biggest scandal that South Park has ever had to face, just who is Cartman's father?
As South Park hurtles towards cult status, it's great to see that it retains its cracking humour, keeps its simplistic yet superbly effective animation and never deviates from being downright offensive! (Grant Kempster)
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Babylon 5 Babylon 5
Channel 4 Ragged Edge: Sunday, 12.45 & Monday, 01.00
B5 celebrates its landmark 100th episode, setting the tone for the remaining episodes of Season Five. In recent stories Sheridan has been frustrated by the attacks on Alliance ships by an unseen enemy. He dispatches Garibaldi to investigate, unaware that his right hand man is back on the booze. Garibaldi nearly blows the mission - but comes away with enough information to implicate one of the major races. The Ragged Edge moves away from the familiar settings and ventures into new territory. Praise must also go to Netter Digital, for the dazzling realization of the Drazi homeworld. (David Richardson)
Babylon 5 pic © TNT
Due South
SKY 1 Mountie and Soul: Saturday 17.55
Kowalski has taken to coaching a gang of kids in boxing in an attempt to keep them off the streets. However, when one of them seriously injures another in the ring, he and Fraser go undercover to investigate.
The relationship between Fraser and Kowalski is admittedly not the same as Fraser and Ray's, but Callum Keith Rennie has, nevertheless, slipped into the series effortlessly. With the quality of scriptwriting undiminished, he is able to create a convincing chemistry with Paul Gross that continues to make Due South a delight to watch, this episode being no exception. (Paul Spragg)
Doctor Who
Remembrance of the Daleks: Sunday, 10.10
The Daleks are back, and this time they've learnt to climb stairs! On his way to collect a weapon of awesome power, the Doctor discovers two factions of Daleks also searching for it, and his only means of survival may be to play both sides off against the other.
Remembrance started Season 25 on a high. It's the first proper outing for the Doctor/Ace partnership and McCoy and Aldred give the impression that they've been travelling in the TARDIS for years. Add to this the Doctor at his manipulative best and top special effects and you have a classic story. (Paul Spragg)
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