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Image copyright: see contents page of each issue. All other material © Visual Imagination 1998 - 2007
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Special Issue #44 • ships from Jul 31 2007
News-stand Price UK £4.99 / US $9.99

In 100 pages…

We spoke to as many as possible of the main players in the most talked-about Sci-Fi show on the planet right now…

Jack Coleman
• We ask his alter ego, Mr Bennet, the adoptive father of the all-dancing, all-healing Claire and an employee of The Company, whose side he's on…

Hayden Panettiere & Eric Roberts
• The actors who play cheerleader Claire and the man with a vested interest in her whereabouts, Thompson, discuss their adversarial relationship on the show

Adrian Pasdar, Malcolm McDowell & Cristine Rose
• In the lead-up to the New York election, we hear from the people behind Nathan Petrelli, Linderman and Angela Petrelli about the conspiracy…

Greg Grunberg
• The ever-cheery actor looks at the ups and downs of the life of Matt Parkman, the ordinary cop who suddenly finds he can read minds

Missy Peregrym
• The chameleonic actress who plays the perception-altering, shape-changing Candice explains why she lives in fear of other actors' performances on the show

Bryan Fuller
• The mastermind who created Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls has a new show coming up, Pushing Daisies. But amongst these tasks he's been on the writing team for Heroes so we asked him what's coming next…


Michael EmersonLost
• Michael Emerson plays the leader of the mysterious Others, Ben Linus, but even he doesn't know much about his character. We find out why he's happy to keep it that way

Erica DuranceSmallville
• In her three years on the show she's written news stories, chased criminals, been kidnapped more times than you can count and snogged a pair of superheroes.
Is there anything else for Erica Durance to do as Lois Lane?

Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis
• Episode guides to the final two seasons of SG-1 and the first three years of Atlantis

The 4400
• Another hero for our Special, Shawn Farrell has had a rough time since being abducted to be one of The 4400. We ask his alter ego Patrick Flueger how he's coping with the latest changes to his life in Season Four

The Dead Zone
• Between seasons, we grabbed actor Chris Bruno for a look back at the life of Sheriff Walt Bannerman and the actor's hopes for the future of the show

The Dresden Files
• Valerie Cruz's detective Connie Murphy lives a frustrating life. Most of her investigations seem to lead back to Harry Dresden, a self-proclaimed wizard. He can't really be magical… can he?

Blood Ties
• Meanwhile, former detective Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox) has no problems believing in the Supernatural as she sees it every day in the shape of her new partner, vampire Henry Fitzroy. Cox tells us about working in the dark

Painkiller Jane
• Jane Vasco is part of a crack team that hunts down Neuros, people who can control things with their minds. But she has a big secret of her own, reveals the woman who plays her, Kristanna Loken…

Who Wants to be a Superhero?
• Ever wanted to meet a real superhero? We did! Major Victory takes us behind the scenes of the hilarious reality show and lets us in on the secrets of wearing spandex

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: ABC, CW Television Network

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2007. Not for reproduction

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