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Feature: Stargate SG-1

A Colonel of Truth

Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter With many stories roaming the Internet about the future of Stargate SG-1, we thought weíd track down a woman whoíd know whatís what: Amanda Tapping

So: the announcement is made that US TVís longest-running Sci-Fi show, Stargate SG-1, has been cancelled. Whatís the editor of the UKís premier TV listings magazine only covering Sci-Fi and Fantasy to do? Thatís right: e-mail a publicist and arrange a phone call to Carter herself, Amanda Tapping, to get her thoughts on the final few days and whatís to come.

This is odd, Iíve always interviewed you face to face before.
Iím pretending that youíre directly in front of me.

Howís that working for you?
You look good!

Thank you. Youíve never looked better.
Oh, bless your heart. I feel good.

So how much longer is there left to film?
Well, October 4th is the end of SG-1, so thatís two weeks Wednesday.

Where do things stand on the show? Will you or other characters move to Atlantis?
Well, I donít know. Thereís always been talk of crossover for any number of us but it hasnít really happened to any great extent and none of us has really heard anything concrete. Whether or not thereís gonna be any crossover or not still remains to be seen. Weíre hearing tons of rumours and I think we have to wait for the official announcement. But it seems that itís not dead yet.

Ten years. Itís been fantastic. In a lot of ways it feels like the right time to do something different, even to do something different with SG-1, whether it be TV movies or a feature. TV movies, in my humble opinion, would be perfect because weíd have a bit more of a budget and weíd be able to tell bigger stories.

Have you enjoyed this year as much or has it been tempered with sadness since learning of the cancellation?
Well, we didnít really know what was happening. Every year we donít know whatís gonna happen and we really didnít know until, I guess, just before our 200th party that we werenít gonna go for another season. So we just go about every year the same way, not knowing whatís gonna happen and trying to enjoy ourselves. This year feels a lot different from last year in that Claudiaís [Black, Vala] now a permanent cast member and it feels like weíve all come together. So weíre actually having a great deal of fun.

Didnít you always, though?
You know what? Yeah, we really have. Iím not gonna lie and say the whole 10 years has been absolutely fantastically, gorgeously fun non-stop, but really, for the most part, itís pretty close to the truth. I donít know that anyone can say that in any job that theyíre in or career they choose. I think Stargate is an anomaly; all the other people I talk to whoíve been on series are like, ĎNo, come on. You guys still arenít having fun after 10 years. Come on.í And yeah, we really are. Sadly. Maybe weíre all just losers. [laughs] We donít know any better so we just think this is great! There always has been, from the very start, something kinda magical about this show and maybe thatís why we lasted 10 years. Iím honestly not trying to give you the pat, hokey publicist answer, itís genuine. I wouldnít get away with it with you, anyway.

by Paul Spragg

Read the full interview in
Cult Times Special #41

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