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Image copyright: see contents page of each issue. All other material © Visual Imagination 1998 - 2006
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Special Issue #41 • ships from Oct 4 2006
News-stand Price UK £4.99 / US $9.99

In 100 pages…

The SG-1 guysStargate
For our third Stargate special, we focus mainly on the soon-to-be-ending SG-1. As the series enters its final stages, we talk to cast and crew members about the 10th season and what's next

Amanda Tapping
• Who better to explain where things are at in the world of SG-1 than its leading lady? The actress looks back over her series highlights and reveals the possibilities for the show's continuation

Michael Shanks
• The smiley happy face of Dr Daniel Jackson takes us through his personal highlights of Season 10 and tells us what he's been doing in his extra weeks off this year.

Will Waring
• The director looks back on his life as a camera operator and his ever-increasing number of credits on both Stargate shows.

James Bamford
• It's been an exciting year for stunt co-ordinator James Bamford, with more fights, air rams, falls and jumps than ever before! And that was just in the Atlantis episode Sateda

What Next?
• With SG-1 coming to a close, we examine the reasons for its cancellation and wonder if it's had its time or still has more to give.

Plus much more!

Aaron Ashmore asJimmy OlsenSmallville
• Aaron Ashmore is the new addition to the cast for Season Six, turning up as Jimmy Olsen. But, he explains, this is a cooler, bow-tie-free Jim than viewers are used to…

No Tribble at all…Star Trek
• Having reached its 40th anniversary, what better time to look back over the 40 best moments of Trek history? Unlock some happy memories with our rundown!

Battlestar Galactica
• Stars Aaron Douglas, Kandyse McClure, Nicki Clyne and Paul Campbell provide a sneak peek at what's coming in Season Three, discuss the trials of getting cast and decide which of them looks best when dirtied up

• A complete episode guide to all five seasons of the superb Spy-Fi series in which Sydney Bristow and her family members fought for the good of the world, often against each other…

• The Daywalker has recently completed a successful first season of adventures on America's Spike TV. We get the inside track on how it came together from executive producer Dan Truly.

• As the ITV drama moves into its second series, we went for a chat with stars Lesley Sharp and Andrew Lincoln and with the crew to learn what's changed and what's very much the same for psychic Alison Munday.

The 4400
• And from a psychic to a little girl who can predict the future! Conchita Campbell, aka Maia, explains why playing the young abductee is still a dream job three years down the line.

Rob LaBelle
• He's helped fight off the Gua invasion force in First Wave, he's cloned his wife in Eureka, he's played doctor to members of The 4400. Rob LaBelle runs through the highlights of his genre TV experiences.

Insurance Claims in Space
• What compensation can you get if you're trapped in a holodeck when it malfunctions or accidentally crash your spaceship in Roswell, New Mexico? We make some unlikely claims and find out

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: The Sci-Fi Channel, The Wb, Paramount

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2006. Not for reproduction

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