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Special Issue #34 • ships from Jun 9 2005
News-stand Price UK £4.99 / US $9.99

In 100 pages?!
It must be bigger on the inside!

After a nine-year absence, 2005 marked the return of Doctor Who, bigger and better than ever before. Under the guidance of Russell T Davies, it's moved from being a fondly-remembered piece of kitsch to a vital, ratings-grabbing part of the BBC's schedule. We take an in-depth look at the past, present and future of the galaxy's best-loved Time Lord

With these features…

Doctor Who for Beginners
• Are you feeling a bit puzzled by 26 years of Doctor Who you know nothing about? Well, trouble yourself no longer as we present our guide to the high points of the series so far and the facts you need to know to fully immerse yourself in the Whoniverse!

Rob Shearman
• Bringing the Daleks – well, one of them – back to our screens after a 17-year absence wasn't going to be easy. Rob Shearman explains how he rose to the writing challenge and turned the metal meanies into the scourge of the galaxy once again

Steven Moffat
• The creator/writer of Press Gang and Coupling brought his comedy skills to Doctor Who and wrote… the scariest episodes of the season? We find out what made him take a darker tack and how he saw new companion Captain Jack

Big Finish
• Executive producer at Big Finish audio productions, Gary Russell, discusses keeping the flag flying for Doctor Who during its TV absence, his plans for the future of the range, and what he can and can't do now the series is on TV again. Plus: we talk to audio eighth Doctor companions Charley and C'rizz, aka India Fisher and Conrad Westmaas

Episode Guide
• We review and rate the first 11 adventures for the ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler

Plus much more!

More super tales…Smallville
• Executive producer Alfred Gough looks back on the fourth season of adventures for the pre-Superman Clark Kent and tells us why he thinks it's the best year yet!

Paul McGillionStargate Atlantis
• The second year of adventures in the Pegasus galaxy sees Dr Beckett becoming a full-time member of the team. Paul McGillion reveals why he's delighted about his promotion

The ghost speaks?Battlestar Galactica
• Season One ended with Commander Adama fighting for his life. We try to get tight-lipped series star Edward James Olmos to tell us if his character is going to pull through

• He may not be dashing around the world like Vaughn, but Weiss has a vital part to play at APO. Actor Greg Grunberg, explains why Season Four has been a good year for him, and not just because Weiss has been dating Sydney's sister

South Park
• Half of the duo that keeps the show ticking over, Matt Stone, chats about its continuing success as it moves into a ninth season

Dead Like Me
• The show may be over, but Ellen Muth will still be forever George Lass. The young actress reminisces about her time on the show and answers questions about the possibility of its return

Rescue Me
• Another hit for the FX network in the States, Rescue Me tells of a group of firefighters trying to hold their lives together after the trauma of 9/11. Co-creator, writer and star Denis Leary tells us what he hopes to accomplish in the show

The 4400
• As we learn more about the 4400 abductees mysteriously returned to Earth, we talk to an excitable Jacqueline McKenzie, back tracking them in her guise of FBI agent Diana Skouris

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Warner Bros, Sci-Fi Channel

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2005. Not for reproduction

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