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Special Issue #33 • ships from Mar 10 2005
News-stand Price UK £4.99 / US $9.99

The Simpsons

Happy family...!
• It's grown in popularity to become a global phenomenon, to the extent that people across the world frequently shout 'D'oh!' and 'Woo hoo!' and have been known to suggest that others eat their shorts. Yes, it's The Simpsons, and to honour the world's best-loved yellow cartoon family, we take an in-depth look at their lives over the incredible 16 years they've been on the air

…with these features:

• The cream of Cult Times writers past and present reveal what makes The Simpsons so endearing and enduring, from Tom Lehrer-esque musical numbers and quotable lines of dialogue to love for director Brad Bird and the show's similarities to a stuffed Tigger…

Film Homages
• We check out the many times the show has paid homage to a film, whether it be familiar dialogue from Gone with the Wind, the recreation of the shower scene from Psycho and the arrival of the T-Rex in Jurassic Park or Itchy and Scratchy's even more violent version of Reservoir Dogs

Why is it Cult?
• We reveal what it is that makes The Simpsons a Cult show by uncovering some of its references to genre TV, from The Prisoner to Xena via The Twilight Zone and The X-Files

• Keeping people on their toes, The Simpsons has frequently made fun of the great and good, from former Presidents Nixon and Clinton to almost every country on the planet. We examine the times it found itself in trouble, with Barbara Bush, Brazil's Tourist Board and even its own network, Fox, all in the name of satire…

Episode Guide
• A guide to the first 15 seasons of the Simpson family's animated antics, plus an overview looking at how the series has evolved over the years

Plus much more!

Jack Bauer24
• Cast and crew discuss the reasons for the loss of all the previous regulars, bar Jack Bauer, for the new season, and address recent criticisms of the show being anti-Muslim

Guest surprisesThe Shield
• It's not long before dubious cop Vic Mackey will be back on the streets. The man who plays him, Michael Chiklis, joins with show creator Shawn Ryan to preview the new season

Desperate Housewives
• Ricardo Antonio Cahvira discusses the ups and downs of life as the recently arrested Carlos Solis, husband of the gorgeous Gabrielle

The West Wing
• If you thought the show would end when Jed Bartlet's presidential term was over, think again! Executive producer John Wells introduces the candidates in the campaign to be the next resident of the Oval Office

Battlestar Galactica
• Stunning Cylon Number Six, better known as Tricia Helfer, drops by to look back over the first season of the critically acclaimed re-imagining of the classic show and looks forward to Season Two

American Dad
• The new show from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, American Dad tells of Stan Smith, overly keen and patriotic CIA agent, and his unusual family. The cast and creators introduce this superb new animation

• Settling neatly into his role as a series regular, Steve Bacic reveals the changes in his character for the fifth and final season, which sees Telemachus Rhade trapped in the Seefra system and turning to drink

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: 20th Century Fox

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2005. Not for reproduction

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