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Special Issue #22 • ships from Jun 6 2002
News-stand Price UK £4.99 / US $9.99

Love it or Hate it - it's still great!
• Regardless of how your friends feel about your favourite shows, everyone loves something, however good, bad or indifferent it is. In this Special we try to determine if the following are worthy or our praise or our scorn:

  • Doctor Who and LEXX
  • Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda
  • Star Trek: Voyager and The Prisoner
  • Mutant X, South Park and Urban Gothic

Plus all these features…

John Schneider and Annette O‘Toole with their Smallville son, Tom WellerSmallville
• Clark's parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, aka John Schneider and Annette O'Toole chat together about farm life, why they need a bedroom and the merits of Superman III

John Billingsley as Enterprise‘s Dr. PhloxEnterprise
• John Billingsley, better know as Enterprise doctor Phlox, performs an examination of Season One of the show and wonders what might befall his character in the future

Dorian Gregory as Charmed‘s Detective DarrylCharmed
• Dorian Gregory might have been on a different beat in recent episodes, but he still sometimes finds time to visit the Halliwells and inform them of demonic problems in his role as Detective Darryl Morris

Howlyn and his atavistic ally from E:FCEarth: Final Conflict
• More villainous action as we catch up with Alan Van Sprang on set and find out what he has brought to the series in his role as Howlyn, leader of the alien Atavus, in Season Five

• Season Three villain Keith Szarabajka pops by to discuss the ever-changing world of Daniel Holtz, long-lived vampire hunter

Charlie's Angels
• The movie version was infamously panned in Film Review, but the series was a Cult TV classic, surely? We look back to when Farrah, Jaclyn and Kate were role models... (See also #28 of Movie Idols, devoted to current guiding Angel Drew Barrymore)

• Are shows bolstered or weakened by adding new characters? We consider the success of Star Trek's 7 of 9 and Worf, Buffy's Riley Finn, Angel's Gunn and Fred, Babylon 5's Lochley, The X-Files' Doggett and Reyes and Roswell's Tess.

Room 101
• Got something that really bugs you about a certain Cult TV show? Haven't we all! The Cult Times team gets together to decide what to banish into the pit of Orwellian despair known as Room 101, with people who wear uniforms, Kirk, Spock and McCoy and everyday demons in Buffy and Angel all vying for attention.

  • Jumping the Shark!
    Which of your shows have lost it? We try to determine if and when Babylon 5, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Simpsons and The X-Files went into decline
  • Out of the Box
    A complete episode guide to the series of First Wave
  • Tell us about your Cult TV pet hates!
    Why not e-mail us at [email protected]

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Paramount TV, Warner Bros, 20th-Century Fox, Spelling Television, Tribune TV

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2002. Not for reproduction

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