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An in-depth look at the work of Science Fiction genius known as Farscape, containing many interviews with the cast and creators. Includes:

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David Kemper
• We try to prise some Season Four information out of the series' executive producer and guiding light, and ask how he feels things have been going to date

Ben Browder as CrichtonBen Browder
• The series' star explains that he doesn't think he's a sex symbol and talks us through the trials and tribulations of writing a script for the series you're appearing in

Gigi Edgley as ChianaGigi Edgley
• The fast-talking actress chats about the changes Chiana will be going through in Season Four, the traumas of sex scenes and the relative merits of extensive make-up

Wayne Pygrum as ScorpiusWayne Pygram
• The man behind the mask scares our reporter and claims that Scorpius was strongly influenced by baseball legend Babe Ruth. Plus, a quick word with his second-in-command Lt Braca, aka David Franklin

Lani Tupu
• You can't keep a good man down, as the voice of Pilot and the physical form of Captain Crais wanders in to reminisce about the events his character went through last season

Tammy Macintosh
• The latest addition to Moya's crew, Jool has had a bit of a tough time dealing with her new less priveliged life. Not the case for the actress who plays her, who's loving every minute!

Cult Times' Farscape poster of Crichton and AerynRockne S O'Bannon
• The man who brought us seaQuest on his redemption through the creation of Farscape, and his pride at how well his newest baby is doing

• A complete Out of the Box-style episode guide to the first three seasons of Farscape

Fold-out poster
• Crichton and Aeryn have you in their sights in this three-page pin-up!

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: back-up from:

• Lilah Morgan, aka Stephanie Romanov, takes time out from being an evil, spiteful, heartless thorn in the side of Angel to prove how lovely she really is

• He may think he knows his best friend Clark Kent, but there's a lot Pete Ross isn't aware of! Sam Jones III looks at his character's sharp learning curve

Mutant X
• Forbes March settles down in his comfy loose-fitting jacket to consider the career of mutant Jesse Kilmartin

The Invisible Man
• Talking after the series was unfairly cancelled, star Vincent Ventresca, invisible man Darien Fawkes himself, considers his two years of fun working on both I-Man and Prey

• We unseat Lisa Ryder from her chair on the Andromeda bridge for a few words about the show's second year and its mid-season changes

Lance Henriksen
• The star of countless classic Sci-Fi movies examines his career to date, taking in the good, the bad and the ugly, from Powder and the Alien movies through to his work on Tales from the Crypt and The A-Team, where he learned how to be a fart catcher

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