Selected from Cult Times Special #17

A Night in with the Girls

Feature by John Binns

In Cult Times Special #10 we ran a feature highlighting the feistiest women in Cult TV up to that point (Before you ask... sorry, it's sold out). Almost two years later, those worthy icons have been joined by a new generation. Displayed here are just three examples of our new, updated top 50, featuring RoswellBuffy / AngelStar Trek: Voyager...

Also featured: multiple characters from Xena, Farscape, Charmed, Stargate SG-1, Andromeda... and one each from 11 more shows!


Tess Harding • Fourth Royal
Roswell • Emilie de Ravin (2000 to present)


It took a while for the Roswell aliens to wise up to the fact that Isabel’s weird new friend was more than she appeared, suspicions being rightly aroused by Max’s odd behaviour and visions of the two of them ‘getting it on’. It turned out that such visions were perfectly acceptable, as she and Max were going to be married – rather to his surprise...

Extra feisty points for: Being more advanced in the special powers stakes than the others: watch out for a dramatic example against the Skins in a forthcoming episode.

Significant others: Tess’s arranged marriage to Max may founder on the detail that he’s not interested in her, preferring to hang out with Liz – a human, for goodness’ sake! Maybe moving in with Kyle Valenti will present her with a suitable alternative – ironic considering he’s one of Liz’s rejects, but he’d be a fool not to try.

Roswell 's Tess

If Tess is our # 37...
... where are Maria De Luca, Liz Parker and Isabel Evans? Of course the other Roswell girls are in our Top 50, but where exactly?


Darla • Touched by an Angel
Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel • Julie Benz (1997 to present)


People are very rarely delighted with the services of lawyers, but Angel’s sire could at least have said thank you to Wolfram and Hart for her (entirely free of charge, we might add) resurrection from the dead. Instead she whined and longed for her former vampiric existence, even before the minor detail of terminal illness came to light. That’s gratitude for you.

Good or evil? Sadly, the signs are that she has now turned irrevocably to Evil, having spent a brief period being not Good as such, but horribly confused and miserable (the standard default for mortals).

Significant others: Angel and amorous attorney Lindsay have both had their eyes on her from time to time, but now it seems Darla will only have eyes for Drusilla – alternately her mother, grand-daughter and playmate. Familial relations are so complex among the undead...

Darla, doing the Boxer Beat c.1900

If Darla is our # 27, where are all the other female characters from Buffy and Angel? Especially when there are 14 of them in all in our Top 50?


Seven of Nine • Individual
Star Trek: Voyager • Jeri Ryan (1997 to 2001)

Down from
• 1 •

Attitudes to the Borg may have changed a lot aboard Voyager since Seven joined the crew, but they’re not likely to be so liberal-minded back in the Alpha Quadrant. We can only guess at how well our favourite disconnected drone will be treated when she arrives in Sector Zero One, but it’s likely to be less than a heroine’s welcome.

Hopefully Earth’s reaction will involve less keeping her prisoner and conducting experiments, and more giving her medals and asking her to appear on late-night chat shows. (All this is assuming, of course, that Seven gets back to Earth in one piece. There are rumours of the death of a major character in Season Seven, and if it’s maximum impact the producers are after, surely only the death of Janeway would have more of a dramatic punch.)

Feistiest moment: Displaying her willingness to give up her life for the sake of the Voyager crew in Dark Frontier, reasoning that they, not the Borg, were now ‘her Collective’. Happily, her trustworthy friend and mentor, Captain Janeway, worked out just in time what she was doing, and grabbed her back from the evil Queen’s clutches.

Extra feisty points for: Helping to look after a bunch of Borg kids – who turned out to be very like regular kids in that they were terribly annoying most of the time, but who were much easier to get rid of once a suitable planet was found.

Significant others: Forget about it! In emotional development terms, she’s hardly even a teenager.

So if Seven of Nine has fallen from # 1, who are the two females now above her? Find out in Cult Times Special #17...

Seven of Nine: a former Number 1...

Assertiveness: ***** Your point of view is irrelevant.

Personality: ***
Coming along nicely, as Captain Janeway might say. We’ll know her progress is complete when she tells the captain to stop being so damn patronizing.

Physical fitness:*****
Disconcertingly able to crush you like a bug.

Visibility: ****
On TV most of the time.

Sauce: **** Statuesque.

Feisty factor: **** The Borg’s loss is our gain.