Fantasy Christmas

Selected from Cult Times Special #16

It’s been a busy year for Cult Times. So we thought we’d spice up this seasonal special with a bit of fun. What, we wondered idly, is everyone else doing this Christmas? Here are two possibilities...


Christmas on Voyager


The 25th December must be quite hard to keep track of on Voyager. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Federation had introduced the whole stardates system as part of a scheme to abolish Christmas. Additionally, by the time any seasons greetings arrived from home, Janeway and co would be old and grey. Nevertheless, I’m surprised we haven’t seen Christmas on Voyager already. After all, isn’t it a time for ‘families’? It must be a very inclusive period for all on board – with everyone bringing their own special gift to proceedings...

Seven and Janeway enjoy a champagne moment. ©Kathy H/Moonglow Photos


Janeway would let nothing get in the way of everyone having a great time. Chakotay would sit in the corner with his feet up. The Doctor would get the chance to sing a few carols and teach Seven what Christmas is all about. Tuvok could suffer a wholly unexpected emotional outburst. Neelix could handle all the cooking. B’Elanna could introduce everyone to Klingon Kristmas. And Tom and Harry could set up some fun and games on the holodeck with festive consequences.


A Farscape Christmas


An Absolute disaster! John Crichton, guessing that it’s been 12 months since he last roasted chestnuts on an open fire way back home, suggests the crew all do something to celebrate the birth of little baby Jesus. “Who’s Jesus?” Well, you know, that’s not really important these days Christmas— “What’s Christmas?” You can see how it would all go. OK, so the crew of the Moya look like a bunch who like to party...

Crichton tries to dredge up some Christmas spirit


They don’t mind dressing up, and they’ve all got up to something naughty in the past. But even once they’ve got over all the initial difficulties, traditional yuletide pastimes aren’t even going to be possible. Charades for instance. It’s a film. “What’s a film?” Well, never mind; they were never going to get ‘Thomas and the Magic Railroad’ anyway.

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