Drone Alone
by David Bailey

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skyone channel logoSTAR TREK: VOYAGER
SCORPION, PART II • Monday 20th December, 20.00 hours
Seven gives herself a very cool introduction: “I am Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One. But you may call me Seven of Nine.”
Voyager - Seven Heaven on Sky One
Seven and Chakotay: uneasy allies in Scorpion II

An odd episode for Sky to choose to start this run: although it introduces Seven, it isn’t until the following episode, The Gift, that Seven is de-Borgified. This story is much more about Species 8472, and the conflict between Janeway and Chakotay over Voyager’s alliance with the Borg in order to win the battle against these seemingly unstoppable aliens. It’s an exciting conclusion to this two-part tale, and does highlight one thing that will help define Seven’s early conflicts with her new human crewmates.

At the end of the episode, Janeway is left with Seven still on her ship, her connection to the Borg Collective severed.


The captain’s ‘logical conclusion’ is that Seven should be made human and taken with them. “The Collective’s all she knows,” Chakotay points out. “She might not want to stay.” Well said, that man! But, of course, Janeway blithely ignores him (why did she pick someone she finds so objectionable to be her first officer?) and takes the decision to integrate Seven into her crew.

As we’ll see in The Gift (but we won’t see it in this repeat season), Chakotay was right. And we have to wonder about Janeway’s integrity: the only time we see anyone appeal to Seven’s human side is when they are trying to confuse her, to buy time to save their own skins. Hardly philanthropic.

I will not be assimilated...
Her very first snooty appraisal of humanity: “You are erratic, conflicted, disorganized… You lack harmony, cohesion, greatness. It will be your undoing.”

skyone channel logoSTAR TREK: VOYAGER
ONE • Monday 27th December, 21.00 hours
A ham-fisted attempt at small talk, as Seven asks a holographic Torres, “Describe the nature of your sexual relationship with Lieutenant Paris.”
Voyager - Seven Heaven on Sky One
The Doctor and Seven: left in charge in One

One of the jewels in Seven’s crown, One sees our friendly neighbourhood Borg facing a month alone in charge of Voyager. Between the ship and the rest of its journey home stands a nebula saturated with subnucleonic radiation. To cross the nebula will take a month, but the radiation would microwave the crew within a matter of minutes; to go around the obstacle will take over a year.

As Seven and the Doctor appear to be immune to the radiation, Janeway makes the decision to put the crew safely into stasis and leave the other two in charge of the ship’s voyage through the nebula.


Everything goes smoothly (bar a fair bit of argy-bargy between the Doctor and Seven), until both the ship’s systems and Seven’s Borg implants begin to suffer through exposure to the subnucleonic radiation.

Increasingly, she experiences debilitating hallucinations, including an imaginary alien who challenges her every decision and tries to make her turn back to the Borg Collective.

The problems with the ship increase, until finally the Doctor fritzes out, and Seven is left completely alone.

I will not be assimilated...
The hallucinated alien tells Seven, when she is at her most vulnerable, “You’re Borg. That’s what you’re meant to be – one of many.”