Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Out of the Box
In this issue: a fifteen-page guide to the full, complete, done and dusted seven seasons of Deep Space Nine, in the style of our regular Out of the Box coverage. Each season has a trio of highlights selected in print: we've chosen one from each of these seven trios below.

Cast, crew, plotline and tx dates for all episodes are in the issue. All Pics © Paramount
selected from
Cult Times Special #11
Seasons One to Four highlights here
All highlights by Paul Spragg
SEASON FIVE Cult Times Logo
Looking for ParíMach... Looking for Par’Mach in All the Wrong Places
When Quark’s ex-wife Grilka returns to the station, Worf is immediately smitten with her. Meanwhile, Quark has decided that his brief time with Grilka was worth a follow-up, and seeks Worf’s advice on how to woo her the Klingon way.
A combination of farce and Soap Opera, Looking for Par’Mach... is one of the funniest of the Deep Space Nine comedy episodes, with Worf helping Quark, hoping that the Ferengi will give up so he can step in, or at least that he’ll get badly maimed. Meanwhile, Dax is desperately trying to attract Worf to the fact that she’s fallen for him, leading to a priceless scene towards the end when Julian must treat four people for cuts and breakages.

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In the Pale Moonlight In the Pale Moonlight
The Dominion War is going badly for the Federation, so Sisko enlists the help of Garak to help him fool a Romulan leader into believing his race are the next Dominion targets.
Using a clever device of Sisko talking through his actions to camera, this is another example of a story only DSN could have done. Forced into a corner, the only way for Sisko to help Starfleet is to break its own regulations, and despite believing it to be a bad idea, he can see no other solution. But it’s the end of the story that really makes it a classic; Sisko’s plan revealed, it appears that the Romulans will not enter the war, until Garak makes a vital decision that leads to an electric confrontation between him and the Captain.

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Tacking Into the Wind Tacking Into the Wind
Kira, Garak and Damar’s resistance cell attempt to steal a Breen ship. Meanwhile, Worf is increasingly troubled by Gowron’s leadership and realizes that he must take action.
Heading towards the end of the series, Tacking Into the Wind is one of the most tense episodes of the whole Dominion War arc, and has plenty going on. Not only does Kira have to contend with her attempted theft going badly wrong, but she’s also got problems with Cardassians who won’t obey her orders. Meanwhile, back on DS9, Worf is forced to solve the problem of Gowron in the traditional fight-related way, and Bashir and O’Brien make plans to lure a Section 31 operative to the station.

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