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Cult Times Special #11
Crusade' s good ship Excalibur What do you do for an encore to Babylon 5? Well, luckily, if your name is J Michael Straczynski, you came up with an idea for a spin-off, a way in which your universe could enter another phase.

It’s called Crusade, and everyone who liked your first work will no doubt love it, and its ambitious plans to be more than just a carbon copy of Babylon 5. Sadly, not everything always goes to plan...
In this issue Carrie Dobro, David Allen Brooks and Marjean Holden elaborate on their contribution to the Crusade

Like many of Straczynski’s female creations, Carrie Dobro's light-fingered, yellow-eyed, Dureena Nafeel is a hardened, independent individual. Would the actress describe herself as a tough person?

“Depends who you talk to!” she says. “People who don’t know me think I am very tough, and in certain ways I am, but also in real life do not like confrontation at all. Dureena is about as confrontational and in your face as you can get, but when you’re acting that’s easy."

When the first episode of Crusade recently made its début, fans gave it a mixed response. TNT felt Crusade needed an establishing episode (despite the fact that A Call to Arms had already served that purpose). Rewrites, costume changes, set changes and ultimately premature cancellation followed.

Dobro reveals that at one stage there had even been discussions about redefining the lead characters.“They started messing around with it, when they shut us down for the hiatus, and it was like, ‘Well, we want to change Dureena and we want to change this and that’ and everyone got like, ‘Now what’s going on?’

“There was a lot of second guessing about what they wanted. The whole physical look changed and they were talking about odd stuff. The basic problem was that no one was really sure from the actors’ standpoint what they wanted.

Through all the trials and tribulations, the cast have remained firm friends, meeting up for dinner and social occasions. No doubt about it: should Crusade ever return, they would all love to work together again. “We threw a bowling party for the cast and crew, Marjean and I went and did a convention together, David had an opening party… we e-mail each other all the time. Marjean and I have actually put together our own website. It’s called which keeps up information on what we’re doing and we’re selling photos. It’s just a way for fans to get in touch.”

Carrie Dobro as herself
Carrie Dobro

Interviews by David Richardson
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