The Hellmouth's Vampires
selected from Cult Times Special #09


There's a sucker born every minute. So it's just as well Buffy's on hand to stake them out. We head off in search of Sunnydale's most grisly inhabitants

History: Drusilla was living a pure and chaste life in 1860 London when Angel came on the scene, then known as Angelus. The sadistic vampire first drove Drusilla mad by murdering her entire family and anyone she had ever loved, then tortured her until she decided to become a nun. On the day Dru was to take Orders, Angel made her a vampire, and his lover. Her insanity has continued since, along with a degree of precognitive ability. She has been romantically involved with Spike for a while, and has spent some time in Prague, although she was almost killed by a mob there. She has a penchant for plants and animals, but through not bothering to look after them, everything seems to die around her.

Reason for Arrival in Sunnydale: Tagging along with Spike, who is looking after Dru in her weakened state. She soon realizes the potential of life on the Hellmouth, however.

Fiendish Plans: With some help from the injured Spike, Drusilla manages to re-assemble the Judge, an ancient vampire who is able to burn the humanity out of any creature, leaving only the evil on Earth if he succeeds in his mission. On a trip to the mall with her new prize though, the Judge is destroyed by Buffy using a weapon that was not forged, which is the only thing that can kill him. Drusilla is very taken with Angel when he reverts to his former evil self, and goes along with his plan to send the world into Hell, little realizing that her beloved Spike has plans of his own.

Success Rate: Difficult to calculate, as most of Drusilla's plans are undertaken under the command of Angel. However, she does manage to kill the second Slayer, Kendra, making her one short of Spike's record. Definitely 7 out of 10 for this vicious act alone.

Reason for Leaving Sunnydale: None. Drusilla seemed more than happy to stay and help Angel in his plans for conquest, but the decision was taken out of her hands by Spike, who knocked her unconscious and drove her away from Sunnydale. She later left her long-time lover, but chances are she'll be back. And with a fully healthy Spike and Drusilla, there may be nothing that can stop them.

Paul Spragg
Drusilla: deadly at full strength

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“There is an element of what I call 'touched'”. Juliet Landau's thoughts on playing Drusilla accompany this feature.

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