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.ISSUE 08 sships from 8 Dec 98 UK £3.25 / US $5.99

84-page issue • NEW Star Trek

Taking Star Trek into the future... Roberts Picardo and Duncan McNeill, the stars of Voyager, discuss the latest episodes, their chance to direct and the possibility of getting back to the Alpha Quadrant sometime soon... Preview our feature here and our Instant Guide to the series here

Picard in InsurrectionThe Next Generation cast are back in the ninth Trek feature film! We preview expectations of the film following the hit First Contact. With no well-known villains or gimmicks aboard, are the crew of the Starship Enterprise ready to go it alone?

Next Generation Guide
Fans of the Next Generation series can also catch up with the past adventures of the crew, with this special guide to Seasons Four to Seven of the TV series picking up from part one printed in issue 29 (Feb 98)

Robert O'Reilly
Star of both TNG and DS9, actor Robert O'Reilly portrayed the Klingon chancellor Gowron. We track down the man with the stare to relive some honourable Star Trek moments.

The X-Files
David Duchovny - Fox TVDavid Duchovny had a very busy 1998, what with a big screen adventure emerging and the regular TV series' episodes. He reflects on the past year, including the relocation from Canada to L.A., and considers the future of the series.


  • A preview of the latest genre hit to arrive on terrestrial TV - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Stargate SG-1: Michael Shanks on his role as archaeologist Daniel Jackson
  • A look back on the best of 98, including Cult Times's regular contributors' favourite episodes
  • Comprehensive Cult TV Listings for the Christmas and New Year! Peruse our highlights here