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.ISSUE 07 sships from 6 Oct 98 UK £3.50 / US $6.99

86-page issue - with a three-sheet fold-out poster

The End of Babylon 5
• The pre-planned five-year Science Fiction epic has now drawn to a close. In this special souvenir issue we pay tribute to a series that has been a central part of Cult Times over the last three years, featuring:

Bruce Boxleitner
President Sheridan himself takes a look back at station business in the last months and days of the series, and its spin-off TV movies
- plus a chance to win the latest TV Movie Thirdspace! (closing date, 30 November, UK only)

John Iacovelli
He's been there since the very beginning… B5's production designer, Iacovelli was responsible for the series' unique look - with sets both built and virtual. He relives getting the series off the ground, and what he considers to be his greatest triumphs

The Best of B5
A run down of the very best aspects of the show, including the characters, the effects and the philosophy behind the series

B5 vs DS9!
Who's best? Well… despite all the elements the series seemed to share on first appraisal, they have developed into very distinct shows - we compare the two heavyweights of current Science Fiction drama


  • An interview with Due South's Tony Craig (Det. Jack Huey), mainstay of the series
  • all three seasons of Due South get our fabled episode guide treatment, with highlights, in a special Out of the Box-style section
  • a look at the more peculiar aspects of Sci-Fi's depiction of life in space
  • the top five Cult TV series' finales!