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Everyone's Gone to the Movies!
In this Special issue, Cult Times leaves the warmth of the TV-watcher's sofa for the delights of the cinema. With major films of Lost in Space, The Avengers and The X-Files all queuing up for attention, we review five decades of Cult TV's cinema crossovers, from Quatermass to Mission:Impossible.

The X-Files
With its début feature film Fight The Future looming, the international phenomenon has outgrown the small screen. We squeeze some details from its makers. Plus: a huge fold-out poster of the film's stars; William B Davis, the Cigarette Smoking Man himself, speaks to us between drags; and there's a complete Episode Guide to Season Five.

Lost in Space
Camp, kitsch, fun for kids. But enough of the '60s TV series - now it's a blockbuster movie, with a very different feel. We get behind the scenes with the producer-director of the film that toppled Titanic at the US box-office, Stephen Hopkins. Plus a complete at-a-glance guide to all three TV seasons, with highlights.

The Avengers
Can the new John Steed and Emma Peel live up to the stylish precedent of their Sixties counterparts? We put the eagerly-awaited blockbuster's style under the microscope. Plus an episode guide to the original Avengers' six TV seasons.

There can be only two... Macleods in the next feature film, that is. With Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert both set to star in Highlander IV, we review the Immortals' voyage across screens great and small.

Stargate SG-1
Don S Davis, one of America's most recognisable character actors, talks about putting on the uniform of General Hammond in the series based on the Sci-Fi blockbuster; and his previous role as Major Briggs in Twin Peaks.

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