The Best Guide to Cult Television
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The best... X-Files, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Star Trek and Avengers episodes in the Universe!Cult Times Special cover

Emergency Holographic Interview! Robert Picardo on playing Voyager's acerbic Doctor

Babylon 5
They know what you're thinking, you know… Actor Robin Atkin Downes discusses his role as the rogue telepath Byron, while actress Patricia Tallman tells us about life as the Vorlon-enhanced Lyta Alexander

Doctor Who
His character Turlough promised to kill the fifth Doctor, but in reality former actor Mark Strickson loves life so much he makes natural history films these days

What makes great cult television?
We ask the question which causes arguments amongst fans everywhere

The best episodes in the world ever
To help answer that question, we choose the greatest episodes of Babylon 5, Star Trek, Doctor Who, The X-Files, The Avengers and the best of the rest

Of course you disagreed with our choices...
So we gave you the opportunity to vote for your favourite cult television episodes. The results were published in the June 1998 issue, Cult Times #33

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