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Issue #98 • ships from Oct 23 2003
News-stand Price UK £3.50 / US $6.99

Doctor Who

• As the show reaches its 40th anniversary month, we pay tribute by looking at its history and the opportunities ahead of it in the 2005 revival. Who will star? What should happen? Should it be brought back at all? We examine the pros and cons.

Sydney BristowAlias
• Last time we saw Sydney Bristow she was suffering two years’ of lost memory. Writer/producers Alex Kurtzman-Counter and Roberto Orci drop some hints about what’s next…

Lisa RyderAndromeda
• Without a Nietzschean on board, surely it’s Lisa Ryder’s chance to shine? The actress explains why in the new season her character isn’t going to be toeing the line anymore…

Dead thoughtsDead Like Me
• This issue, stars Mandy Patinkin and Jasmine Guy provide some insight into their characters and how you can still learn life lessons after you’re dead.

The Simpsons
• As it begins its 15th year on the air, director/producer David Silverman looks back over his long-term association with the show and reveals how an episode is put together.

Instant Guide
  • My Hero
    Tales of an idiot in spandex helping Humanity with his amazing Ultron powers. All you need to know about the BBC’s superhero sitcom.
Times Past
  • This month our reviewer takes a look at the new season of Stargate SG-1 and decides if the return of Michael Shanks has improved the show or resulted in it showing its age.
Out of the Box
  • As the nights draw in, your TV calls you into its loving embrace. But what to watch? Our comprehensive listings can help…
You Should Be Watching…
  • Boomtown
    Crime from many perspectives as we take a look at the unusually constructed LA-based drama starring Donnie Wahlberg.
The Guest List
  • Jocelyne Loewen remembers slipping into a lab coat and studying Stargates in Avenger 2.0, while Anne Marie Loder joins Johnny Smith in taking on a storm in The Dead Zone.
File Under…
  • Doctor Who
    For its 40th anniversary, we go back in Time to the 10th anniversary special The Three Doctors and think, ‘Well, it’s not all bad, is it?’.
News - behind the screens
  • The return of Doctor Who
  • The Blake's 7 revival hits a Darrow-related snag
  • Advance word on Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • The return of Lost in Space?
Out of the Sack
  • It’s just a huge lovefest on the Cult Times letters page this issue. If you want to join in and tell us how great we are, feel free. Alternatively, if you want to do some whining or purge yourself of a deep-seated issue, we’re here for all your needs. Just mail: [email protected]

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: ABC, Tribune Entertainment, Showtime

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2003. Not for reproduction

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