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Feature: Stargate SG-1

A Teal’c of Two Planets

Our man Teal'c

He’s come a long way since he was First Prime. Christopher Judge considers Teal’c’s evolution since leaving Chulak through the stargate…

Settling down, Judge gathers himself together enough to whisper a bit about the latest Stargate season. “Season Seven – wow! What can I tell you? The prodigal son has returned and everyone is ecstatic about it. I can’t tell you who is most thrilled. It’s probably me, although I’m not totally sure whether it’s me or the writers because they’re enjoying getting stuck in to some really juicy stuff that Michael can actually get his teeth into.”

Close friends on and off screen, Judge says of Shanks, “Having Michael back full time even further highlights how much he was missed last year in so many ways. You know, I don’t want to make too little of Corin Nemec [Jonas Quinn] because he was great, but Michael and the character of Daniel Jackson – you just couldn’t really fill that with anyone or anything else. Just the work that he’s done since being back, his renewed energy and insight to the character – it all points to how much he was missed last year. See, Michael is my best friend. We are so different yet we complement each other perfectly. We disagree on absolutely everything but somehow it works for us. When we met, he was the quiet country boy and I was the seeming city slicker. We’ve taught each other and learned so much from each other over the years that I love him to bits. So, yeah, for that reason alone this season is going to be great.”

Yet another reason Stargate’s seventh season might be rather uplifting for Mr Judge is the rumour put about that a tribe of near-naked Amazonian women might make an appearance. The statement causes yet more mirth. Coughing, shuffling, moving his hands in a suggestive manner and generally looking as shifty as they come, Judge tries to explain: “Well, I wanted to do an episode…” – he can’t get the words out for giggling – “…that kinda, erm, on an intellectual level, really kind of explored the myth of the Amazons. Because they were fierce warriors, you know, as well as being big, buxom women, and I thought that might be interesting. And the producers were kind enough to let me pitch an idea that dealt with the… the…” Judge gives up trying to be serious and jokingly suggests, “I hear they are selling tickets for the casting,” before throwing his head back and laughing outright.

An innocent murmur that I’d love to be a part of the casting process, as in writing about it, is immediately pounced on by Judge, who raises his infamous eyebrow and goes, “Oho! So now we have a little bit of an insight into you. You want to run around nekkid on the set of Stargate SG-1.” No sane journalist would admit to any such desire, but this one will proclaim that Christopher Judge is never going to get to Heaven.

by Thomasina Gibson

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Cult Times #96
September 2003
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