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Feature: Stargate SG-1

Seventh Heaven

The Stargate team is back…

Join us as we take our regular look at what’s coming up next; this year, man of many talents Peter DeLuise tells us about naked archaeologists and why there’s more to the Asgard than anal probing

Creative consultant, producer and general fount of knowledge for all things pertaining to Stargate SG-1, Peter DeLuise is all fired up and raring to leap into action at the start of the seventh year of the show. A firm favourite with cast and crew alike, DeLuise is big, bold and prone to bursts of extravagance with regard to ‘his’ episodes on Stargate SG-1. Whether writing or directing, this highly exuberant individual is guaranteed to stir things up at the SGC. Pinned down for a short time, he’s happy and eager to share a few teasers about the forthcoming year.

“At the beginning of Season Seven we have a two-parter, which helps us understand how Dr Jackson [Michael Shanks] has come back from being ‘ascended’. The first part is entitled Fallen,” begins DeLuise. “This is an interesting episode because when we find Dr Jackson he has no clothes on.” Okey dokey – so this episode is a must for Danielites. “Yeah!” agrees DeLuise. “Daniel is totally starkers. He’s got the full monty going.” Aside from a naked archaeologist, the episode does have a few other points that may be of interest to Stargate fans in general. “Basically, Fallen is about how Anubis [David Palffy] is about to take over the galaxy, and we have to stop him because he is able to wipe out whole planets with his primary death ray. It’s the one that wiped out Abydos at the end of Season Six,” DeLuise helpfully supplies. “Now we’re having to stop Anubis from carrying on in this fashion because there is nothing standing between him and his ability to wipe out all of Earth. So that’s the first order of business.”

As if that wasn’t a tall enough order, DeLuise explains that there is yet another problem for SGC. “By taking Jonas prisoner, Anubis is able to use his memory device on him and figure out everything that Jonas knows, which turns out to kick us in the ass all season long. But then, we’ve had six seasons of kicking everybody else’s ass, so it’s only fair, right? So we get a bit of a return ass kicking.” Oo-er! This doesn’t sound much fun for SG-1, but isn’t it nice to watch a show where the bad guys get to have a good time sometimes?

Away from the subject of aggression but remaining vaguely below the belt, DeLuise lets us know that there are a fair number of new arrivals. “Fragile Balance is an episode that has been a long time in the making and has to do with Asgard reproduction, Asgard abduction and there’s a really fun element of a play with the character of Colonel O’Neill [Richard Dean Anderson].” Showing my ignorance I suggest that I didn’t think the Asgard could have sex. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere where it could happen. Fortunately, Mr DeLuise has all the answers. “Well they reproduce themselves by cloning themselves and then downloading their consciousness into the next incarnation. But years and years of cloning themselves has led to limited returns. They‘re physically quite frail and are in need of some sort of genetic infusion somehow. That’s why they’ve been abducting us.”

by Thomasina Gibson

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