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Issue #93 • ships from May 22 2003
News-stand Price UK £3.50 / US $6.99

Stargate SG-1

• Writer/producer/director/extra Peter DeLuise talks about the opening salvo of episodes from Season Seven, featuring the return of Daniel Jackson 'nekkid' and a spot of power-play from evil 'god' Anubis.

Carl LumblyAlias
• Marcus Dixon's (Carl Lumbly) whole world was turned upside down when he found out the truth about the people he worked for. The actor examines the agent's current mindset.

Gina TorresFirefly/Angel
• Actress Gina Torres is everywhere this month, helping to lead the crew in Firefly, bringing peace to the world in Angel, and in a brief role as Cas in The Matrix Reloaded.

Allison MackSmallville
• Ace reporter Chloe Sullivan, also known as Allison Mack, is back on the case, bringing stories of unrequited love for Clark Kent and how she keeps her 'attainable body' in shape.

The Tribe
• Four members of The Tribe – Ram (Tom Hern), Zoot (Daniel James), Ebony (Meryl Cassie) and Amber (Beth Allen) – took time out of their schedule to talk to us about the comings and goings over the first five years of the show.

Instant Guide
  • Firefly
    Joss Whedon's show about the Firefly-class vessel Serenity, crewed by a motley selection of people, many of whom have dark reeasons for being aboard the ship…
Times Past
  • Buffy or Angel: which is better? Our regular reviewer examines recent episodes of both and comes to some tough decisions about their relative merits
Out of the Box
  • Comprehensive listings for June's TV, replete with highlights of the episodes to look out for!
You Should Be Watching…
  • Six Feet Under
    We visit the Fisher & Sons funeral home to check out their lovely line of coffins. Oh, and the neuroses of the very weird owners…
The Guest List
  • John Billingsley's wife Bonita Friedericy faces off against the Borg in Enterprise, while Camille Mitchell enforces the law in Smallville.
File Under…
  • Now and Again
    We take a look back at the three-episode opening story of the popular but short-lived show about a man who is given a souped-up new body and put to work for the government.
News - behind the screens
  • Angel returns!
  • Clark Kent banned from sex
  • Latest cancellation and and renewal news
  • Changes for Enterprise
Out of the Sack
  • The Uruk-Hai invade Sunnydale, Michael Vartan's background revealed, and a way to find missing Doctor Who episodes in this month's letters. If you have any thoughts, comments or questions, ideally not relating to Charmed coming out on video or DVD, why not get in touch with us at: [email protected]

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: ABC, Inc, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2003. Not for reproduction

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