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Issue #89 • ships from Jan 23 2003
News-stand Price UK £3.50 / US $6.99


• As the first season closes out its run on Channel 4, we provide a recap of the key events so far, a rundown of the characters and their relationships, and look forward to the appearance of Season Two on Sky One in March.

Nicole de BoerThe Dead Zone
• You may remember her from such shows as Deepwater Black and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but now Nicole de Boer is causing an uproar on The Dead Zone

Shalimar (Victoria Pratt )Mutant X
• Back for a second year, Victoria Pratt has high hopes for her character Shalimar, demonstrating greater powers and more personality than during Season One!

Aliens! Where…?Taken
• We return to Steven Spielberg and his behind-the-scenes friends to find out more about how the giant, sweeping alien abduction mini-series was put together.

Stargate SG-1
• Loveable commanding officer George Hammond, aka Don S Davis, talks about returning for a seventh year of the much-loved Sci-Fi series, how he's looking forward to the return of Michael Shanks, and why he gets top treatment at the Moulin Rouge.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• The second in our series of features celebrating the evil works of Buffy villains brings us one of the Trio, Buffy's evil nemesises from Season Six. As Warren, Adam Busch met a sticky end. What's his plan this year?

Instant Guide
  • Bewitched
    Darrin Stephens doesn't quite know what to do when he learns that his new bride has magical powers. We chart the highs and lows of eight years of witchcraft and in-law trouble.
Times Past
  • This month:
    Love and comedy go together like Pop Idol and Talent, according to our reviewer. He's been watching Special Unit 2, and he's not sure if it would be better with less romance and more people being hit on the head and falling over…
Out of the Box
  • Welcome to the romantic month of February, where we've got a load of dates! All you need is someone to share them with.
You Should Be Watching…
  • 24
    With the new series kicking off on BBC2 in February, we provide some tantalizing hints of things to come when Jack Bauer goes through a second traumatic 24 hours.
The Guest List
  • Genre veteran Anthony Lemke revisits his time on the Andromeda, and Fulvio Cecere remembers his traitorous character of Sandoval in Dark Angel.
File Under…
  • Roswell
    Max has been captured by the FBI, and the Feds know just how to get what they want. Only one man can save him, but until now he's been fighting to uncover the aliens: can Sheriff Valenti save the day?
News - behind the screens
  • The Star Trek franchise continues to look troubled.
  • Three more shows bite the big one
  • The casting for the Thunderbirds movie begins
  • Christopher Reeve heads for Smallville, and we finally get an explanation for Farscape's cancellation…
Out of the Sack
  • A run-through of the best and worst of current Cult TV fills some of our letters page this month. If you want to sound off about Jeremiah, Witchblade, Andromeda, Buffy or any of a myriad other shows, why not get in touch at:[email protected]

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Sci-Fi Channel, Alliance Atlantis

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2003. Not for reproduction

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