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Issue #88 • ships from Dec 19 2002
News-stand Price UK £3.50 / US $6.99

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

• Over the last seven years he's become a more rounded Human Being, leaving the world of education, getting a good job, and almost marrying a Demon without having to be forced into it. Nicholas Brendon is Xander Harris, and he's still delighted to be part of the Scooby Gang…

Sam Jones IIISmallville
• Close friend of Clark Kent, Pete Ross is about to learn why his buddy is always at ground zero for weirdness. Sam Jones III talks about his hopes for a more active Pete.

• It's huge, it's impressive, it's Spielberg's mini-series. We speak to the production team behind the massive undertaking which tells of three families and their alien encounters.

J August RichardsAngel
• Hot couple Fred Burkle and Charles Gunn, aka Amy Acker and J August Richards, discuss their lives on and off set, and worry that something nasty is about to happen…

• We catch up with Tyr actor Keith Hamilton Cobb, who explains what he brings to the role, how the Nietzschean warriro thinks, and whether it's a good idea for him and Dylan to be best friends in the new season of the show.

Instant Guide
  • Special Unit 2
    There are strange things out there that hide in dark places. No, not the editor's hair, but Links, beasts that connect Man with Myth. Only one police force can find them and stop their evildoing: SU2.
Times Past
  • This month:
    The grim and unremitting world of J Michael Straczynski's Jeremiah comes under the spotlight this issue as our reviewer discovers that proper swearing is a great alternative to saying 'Hell'.
Out of the Box
  • New year, new channels, new shows! We bring you information on them all.
The Guest List
  • A double bill of Jeremiah this month as we talk to Peter Stebbings and Ingrid Kavelaars about playing Thunder Mountain residents Markus and Erin.
File Under…
  • Red Dwarf
    Prepare a major, and we mean major, leaflet campaign: the Polymorph is back! An examination of the crew's encounter with the genetically modified life form that preys on the weak-willed. So a big meal is in store then…
News - behind the screens
  • Get the party started as Doctor Who's 40th anniversary celebrations begin.
  • Spooks prepares another hard-hitting season of shows
  • Worries continue for the future of Star Trek
  • Martin Kemp becomes Dracula, Taken scores well Stateside, and Glenn Quinn dies
Out of the Sack
  • Corin Nemec in 'liked by fan' shock and a reminder of how to save Farscape in your letters. If you know how to save any other TV shows, we're accepting suggetions at: [email protected]
You Should Be Watching…
  • Scrubs
    A brand new feature as we take a look at those shows not traditionally considered 'genre' but which deserve closer inspection. To kick off, we take a look at the comedy medical drama returning to Sky 1 this month.

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Warner Bros, Sci-Fi Channel, 20th Century Fox

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2003. Not for reproduction

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