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Feature: Angel

Voice of an Angel

David Boreanaz as Angel

David Boreanaz talks to us about what it’s like to play the crime-fighting creature of the night, and what we can expect from Angel’s fourth season

For someone who has gained almost overnight fame, David Boreanaz has found a way to keep his professional and personal life simple: by incorporating them as one. Boreanaz is married to actress Jaime Bergman, and the couple are the proud parents of son Jaden Rayne. They live in Los Angeles and both are kept busy with their careers.

David has captured an international fan base with his lead role in Angel, while Jaime recently starred in an hour-long comedy series entitled Son of the Beach. Dual careers, of course, have ruined plenty of Hollywood marriages, but David is very candid when he proclaims that his family comes far ahead of Angel.

Boreanaz’s success story is one of those rare Hollywood tales. Fascinated by the art of acting from an early age, he made the move to Hollywood right after his college graduation and was discovered while walking his dog. He lived the life of a starving actor, making ends meet by parking cars, painting houses and even handing out towels at a sports club. At the same time, he worked behind the scenes as a props assistant, and also made appearances in numerous television commercials.

His major break came when he appeared on the long-running American television series Married… With Children. This eventually led to him being cast as Angel on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Two years later, his character was spun-off as the star of his own series.

Like most shows, Angel has gone through a period of growth, and the actor is confident that the show is firmly standing on its own two feet now. “I think last season was a culmination of a lot of experiences in the first two seasons,” he explains. “If we didn’t have those first two seasons, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. You see, I think the characters came together. I think that the arcs were stronger. It just made sense. We’re a spin-off show and everyone is always going to compare us to Buffy and say, ‘You’re attached to Buffy,’ or ‘This is part of Buffy.’ Well, we stemmed from Buffy. We came from Buffy, but last year we defined ourselves as a show. I think we established ourselves. I think it’ll continue to take off on its own. All we can do is make the shows and see what the people think.

“But I do think the show has come together now,” Borenaz adds. “I think the relationship of the characters is more clearly defined. Angel’s feelings toward Cordelia, that’s evolved with certain other aspects.”

by Jean Cummings

More from David Boreanaz about Angel, and Alexis Denisof on his character 'Wesley' in:
Cult Times #86

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Cult Times #86
November 2002
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