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Feature: Stargate SG-1 Season 6

Born Again

Stargate SG-1: the season 6 team, including Corin Nemec as Jonas

Writer/producer Robert C Cooper starts his guided tour of what viewers can expect in the sixth and final season of Stargate SG-1. Has the show gained a new lease of life?

As one of the longest-serving members of the Stargate SG-1 staff, Robert C Cooper could be expected to know all. He's been writing episodes since the first season and is now a producer and scripter for the sixth and final series. After explaining that Season Five wrapped up many of the ongoing plotlines (the confirmation of a sixth year came late in the day) and that Season Six has almost a blank slate to work from, Cooper's thoughts are drawn to the arrival of Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn, the man who has the unenviable task of taking Daniel Jackson's (Michael Shanks) place in SG-1. The writer explains that the season does feature an overall arc for this character.

"It's about him finding his place on SG-1 and having O'Neill learn to trust him so they can get to the point where they have a good working relationship. There's an episode called Shadow Play; I won't give anything away that would ruin the show, but the people from Jonas's government come to us and say, (in effect) ‘We're willing to let you come home, mostly because it serves our own best interests,’ but that makes for a very emotional reunion, and a nervous one for Jonas. He was just getting comfortable on SG-1 when suddenly his past gets dredged.

"That's not to say the whole year is about Jonas; this is not the Jonas show; there's a great deal of episodes that deal with the team itself; and there are some nice stories with Teal'c, and of course Richard Dean Anderson, who's always in the front and centre of everything.

"Production-wise, we're doing more than we've ever done before; we're doing some incredible things, things that I can't believe we're pulling off. In Descent, we sunk a mothership under the ocean and flooded stages. In [Cooper-scripted fourth episode] Frozen we built this giant set that takes us to the Antarctic, to the site where the stargate was discovered in Solitudes, the second stargate. In that story we find a woman frozen in the ice very near where the stargate was found, and on defrosting her, we learn… well, her identity is going to bring about certain revelations that will then feed into the mythology that's part of the movie..."

Cooper is very careful to give out just enough information to tease without providing major revelations, and he's clearly enthused by the prospect of a movie when the series is over. Yet he's not getting away without explaining what's happening in episodes five and six - including the return of Michael Shanks...

by Paul Spragg

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Cult Times #82

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Cult Times #82
July 2002
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