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Issue #80 • ships from Apr 25 2002
News-stand Price UK £3.40 / US $5.99

• Series creator JJ Abrams reveals how the new Spy-Fi sensation, starring ultra-hot Jennifer Garner, came to him while thinking about his other creation Felicity… and drops some tantalizing hints about what's to come later this season.

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex LuthorSmallville
• One of the biggest selling points of Smallville is the wonderful Lex Luthor. Michael Rosenbaum drops in for a chat about his work in the role and how much fun it is being bad.

James Marsters as Buffy's SpikeBuffy The Vampire Slayer
• We lend James Marsters our ears to hear about aiming to produce Macbeth, why Joss should play Hamlet, his growing musical career and, of course, Spike's relationship with Buffy.

Lexa Doig as AndromedaAndromeda
• With the show back for a run of new episodes on Sky this month, we speak to Lexa Doig, the ship herself (and its android version) about the big changes that are coming…

Dark Angel
• He's spent the season tracking the transgenics, but it's only now that we're learning his true motivations. Martin Cummins takes us into the dark and mysterious world of Ames White and looks back on his time as one of the stars of Poltergeist: The Legacy.

Plus all our regular sections…

Instant Guide
  • ... to Andromeda. After being frozen in Time for 300 years, Kevin Sorbo's Captain Dylan Hunt attempts to bring the universe back to peace and harmony.
Times Past
  • This month: Enterprise. Can it now be referred to on its own without the qualifier 'the new Trek series'? Well, apparently not. Our regular reviewer tries to do better
Out of the Box
  • The lambs are lambing, the cows are probably cowing, the sun is sunning, well, okay, shining, and all's right with the world. Why not stay in and watch some May telly with help from our detailed listings?
The Guest List
  • Two old friends this month as John de Lancie moves from omnipotence to a recurring role as Simmons in Stargate and Rene Auberjonois gets out of make-up and into fatherhood in Enterprise.
File Under…
  • The X-Files
    The moment everyone was waiting for! Mulder and Scully finally tie the knot in Season Six story Arcadia. Or do they? All may not be as it seems as the newlyweds settle down to domestic bliss…
News - behind the screens
  • Roswell finally loses the fight, The X-Files reaches its last stages, and news of upcoming US mini-series, including Children of Dune, and South Park's Kenny dies forever. A world mourns.
Out of The Sack
  • Seven Days: what happened to it?
  • Alias: isn't it fantastic?
  • Mutant X: wasting everyone's time or a vibrant addition to Sci-Fi?
    – Just some of your views this month; to express others, let us know here: [email protected]

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