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Cult Times #79 • in stock Mar 19 UK £3.40, US $5.99
• In the April 2002 issue - a soupcon of these:

Smallville – excerpts online
• Chloe Sullivan, currently investigating the world of weird that inhabits the environs of Clark Kent's home town for school newpaper The Torch, comes to be interviewed by us in the guise of actress Allison Mack.

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A baptism of fire for Angel in April? Buffy & Angel (and more)
• The man in the know, Joss Whedon, talks about Buffy on DVD, and hints at what's in store for Buffy and Angel as their latest seasons progress.
• Plus: we speak to returning Angel guest star Mark Lutz (Cordelia's prince from Pylea) about the Groosalugg's quest for com-shuk

Charmed's Season 4 line-up Charmed
• Director Joel J Feigenbaum chats about his work overseeing the Halliwells' adventures across three seasons, the change from Prue to Paige, plus teasers for episodes still to come!

Enterprise's ensignsEnterprise
• They're only young, but they have a lot to offer! Ensigns Travis and Hoshi (aka Linda Park and Anthony Montgomery) chat to Cult Times about how things are going on the new Star Trek

• With Channel 4 bringing the adventures of the Andromeda Ascendant to UK screens, Keith Hamilton Cobb considers the current state of his character, Tyr Anasazi, in the middle of Season Two

• It got a raw deal when it aired in the US, but co-creator Gregg Hale, he of The Blair Witch Project, is still proud of what Freakylinks achieved. We set out to discover just what could have been

and garnished with these:
  • Instant Guide
    ... to The Invisible Man. Still visible on Bravo, we look over the best and worst from both seasons of the tragically short-lived series.
  • Times Past
    Our regular reviewer chews on the dangers of sex and drugs and Wiccan roles in considering last month's Charmed and Buffy episodes
  • Out of the Box
    We shower you with information about everything forecast for April on TV, from Quentin Tarantino in Alias to a question of loyalty in Angel
  • The Guest List
    Frequent Sci-Fi guest star Ellen Dubin has a few words about Relic Hunter, and Star Trek make-up maestro Michael Westmore's daughter McKenzie recalls her role on Voyager
  • File Under...
    While we await word of the series being picked up by a UK channel, we look at the pilot TV movie of Witchblade, bringing tough New York cop Sara Pezzini out of the comics world
  • News - behind the screens
    David Duchovny pops back for The X-Files' last exit, Irwin Allen gets a 21st Century revamp and Roswell's Brendan Fehr wets his pants!
  • Out of The Sack: One more letter about Michael Shanks and that must be the last, absolutely the last, cross my heart and hope to be spanked until my bottom goes purple. Thoughts on anything else, including drooling over stars of The Lost World, can be sent to us at: [email protected]

We are working to bring you more online content in 2002 across Keep checking back for details...

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