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Feature: Smallville - Allison Mack

Give Us A Chloe

Allison Mack as Smallville's journalistically-inclined Chloe Smallville star Allison Mack spends all day drooling over Tom Welling: yes, "Chloe's totally in love with Clark... She's always staring at him", admits the young star. Itís a tough job, but someone has to do itÖ

At the time of this cell phone interview, actress Allison Mack is back home in LA, giving directions in a car while answering questions. Basically, even on a short break from filming the WB hit Smallville in Vancouver, the busy 19-year-old is still giving the Duracell Rabbit a run for his money. No surprise there. Ever since she was four, the talented rising star has appeared in a whirlwind of commercials, movies, and television projects...

However, Mack has probably garnered the most recognition as a regular on the super-powered drama Smallville, a show which has struck a chord with both critics and viewers (including healthy ratings on Channel 4 in the UK). With a one-two punch of new twists on a familiar icon combined with the tragedy of a real-life event, Mack says it's not hard to see why it's become so popular.

"I think it's part of a famous story that has never been explored," she offers. "The idea of seeing Lex before he was evil and Superman before he was good is very interesting. It's a unique way to look at it. It's also timing. We came out when the world really needed a hero after September 11. We needed something good and wholesome that focused on a heroic person."

As Chloe Sullivan, Mack is part of Clark Kent's (Tom Welling) close-knit circle of friends. A natural opposite to Lana Lang's (Kristen Kreuk) sweet girl-next-door, Chloe is the slightly cynical city girl from Metropolis with aspirations of returning there as a reporter for the Daily Planet. Not much has been revealed about her family's background. One thing is evident though: she's got the hots for a certain Teen of Steel.

"She's totally in love with Clark, but she is his best friend so it's that awkward line of unrequited love," Mack explains. "She could never have him but she also doesn't want to have him because that would ruin their friendship. But she's always staring at him and wanting him and it's easy because Tom Welling is such a great guy. Also, it's a situation every girl can relate to. I think every girl has a best friend they are secretly in love with. That's a universal thing that people go through."

Looking back, Mack almost didn't get the chance to drool over her hunky co-star. The young actress had auditioned for the part of Chloe but discovered the writers had originally scripted the character as an African-American girl. Even back then, Mack saw a lot of Chloe in her. "I'm very similar to my character," she says. "Of course, she's a character and she's a bit younger than I am, so she has immaturity in her. However, we're both very excitable, we both have a ton of energy, we're both enthusiastic, and we're both nosey..."

• Smallville Season One See Cx Index in issue for details
Wednesdays, 18.00 Channel 4, repeated Fridays, 21.00 on E4;
also S4C, 20th & 27th, 12.00

by Bryan Cairns

Read the full feature in
Cult Times #79

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Cult Times #79
April 2002
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