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Cult Times #77 • ships from Jan 23 UK £3.25, US $5.99
• In the February 2002 Cult Times - a bunch of this:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• Sarah Michelle Gellar gives us her intimate thoughts on life, love, Scooby-Doo, switching networks, Nicole Kidman, and - of course - the joys of slaying demons and vampires, as Season 6 hits its stride

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Stargate SG-1's departed Michael ShanksStargate SG-1
• Because you demanded it! Michael Shanks talks to Cult Times about the real reasons for departure from Stargate SG-1, what his plans are now, and how he might yet return…

Enterprise's Dominic KeatingEnterprise
• The in-no-way-camp star Dominic Keating tells us why he always seems to be cast in the fey roles and how in Enterprise he's going to be tough and really quite butch…

Farscape's Ben BrowderFarscape
• As BBC2 viewers witness the end of its third and finest year, hunky hero Ben Browder looks back on a hectic, double-and inventive season of Cult television's hottest hit!

Dark Angel's Normal-looking JC MackenizeDark Angel
• This month, Cult Times invites you to meet JC Mackenzie - alias cyber-babe Max's boss at Jam Pony, a man who's somehow acquired the unlikely and ironic name of Normal…

Mutant X
• Prepare for a shock (pun intended!) as we bring you the powerful words of muscle-bound star Victor Webster, the Mutant X team member with the ability to send electricity zapping your way!

plus these things and such -
  • Instant Guide
    ... to The War Next Door. One secret agent, one arch-nemesis, one suburban neighbourhood. Let battle commence!
  • Times Past
    Is Smallville's Tom Welling too old? Is Alias's Jennifer Garner the greatest thing to come out of US television in years? Find out here
  • Out of the Box
    It's February, and in this slightly shorter month, we bring to your attention the following: all-new Mutant X! Buffy: the musical! The end of Millennium! Re-edited Young Indiana Jones! And the arrival of the short-lived Wolf Lake! Who could ask for more?
  • The Guest List
    Alex Zahara looks fondly on his time asleep on the Stargate SG-1 set, and Brian Leckner is a traveller in The X-Files...
  • File Under...
    This month we discover exactly what a leak in stasis is as the boys from Red Dwarf undertake a mission into the past, with some quite comical results…
  • News - behind the screens
    Joss Whedon moves into Science Fiction, The X-Files finally concludes its already overlong run, and we bring you news of this season's renewals (or indeed cancellations) so far!
  • Out of Your Sack: Want to know more about The Lost World? Where Seven Days, Mutant X and Andromeda have gone? Want to tell us why Smallville is great? If you feel like chipping in about this or any other issue, then drop Cult Times a line at
    [email protected]

Apologies for the lack of content online this month. We are working to bring you more online content in 2002 across Thank you for your patience

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