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Dec 2001, Cult Times #75 • ships from Nov 21

UK £3.25, US $5.99

• In this issue of Cult Times, there's this:

Stargate SG-1
• Watch! As we force a straight answer out of Richard Dean Anderson! Laugh! As he tells us all about his suppository experiences! Cry! As he discusses Michael Shanks leaving the show! Read an extract

Andromeda: Kevin Sorbo and Lexa DoigAndromeda
• Our second big star of the month as Kevin Sorbo pops back for another visit to talk about progress on Season Two, and give an insight into what's coming up next

Dark Angel's Jessica Alba and Jennifer BlancDark Angel
• Zack, aka William Gregory Lee, on his recurring role, why he may yet return and spoiling Xena's fifth season finale. Plus, Jennifer Blanc (Kendra) looks back on her half-season role

Don FranklinSeven Days / seaQuest
• He's served six seasons on two separate genre shows, so we caught up with Don Franklin and chatted about his years as Commander Jonathan Ford and Captain Craig Donovan

Xena: Warrior Princess Highlight of the month
• The warrior maiden and the battling bard make their final hurrah on Sky 1, but will it be a happy ending? We consider the pros and cons of A Friend in Need

The Outer Limits
• As a prelude to the arrival of the show's seventh year in January, writer/producer James Crocker recalls his part in the anthology's evolution

and even -
  • Instant Guide
    ... to Rex the Runt, a warped trip into the collective psyches of four plasticene dogs. Tuesday. Read the guide here Ker-ching!
  • Times Past
    This month UK TV takes the spotlight as our regular reviewer decides whether we should make more stuff ourselves or please God just stop already, using Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) and Urban Gothic to make a case
  • Out of the Box (highlight: Xena finale)
    In print: a frolic through the festive viewing fun as the last month of 2001 looms. Including reviews, highlights, and all the potential Christmas presents coming your way
  • File Under...
    The aliens find they've brought a contagion to Earth as we study the development of the Roswell inhabitants in their four-part Hybrid Chronicles
  • On The Guest List…
    Gary Jones encodes a few chevrons in the name of interstellar Stargate travel and Aron Eisenberg makes a leap from Deep Space Nine to Voyager for an episode
  • News - behind the screens
    The new season of The X-Files and the possibility of a new movie, plus Doctor Who's DVD schedule speeds up, the BBC's treasure hunt comes to an end, Buffy hits a high note for its musical episode and a plethora of new shows wend their way towards Sky 1 for January
  • Your Letters: Fancy a good old moan? Want to ask us why a channel isn't behaving itself properly? Desperate to praise us for all our hard work month after month? Then write to us!
    [email protected]

Please note: Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: MGM/ Showtime, Tribune Entertainment, 20th-Century Fox TV, Paramount TV / Crowe Entertainment, Aardman Animation, Renaissance TV

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