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Feature: Heroes

Syler and Mohinder Sendhil Ramamurthy explains why he’s keen for his character Mohinder Suresh to stay alive tracking the world’s heroes

The world is evolving, and one man has noticed the change that seems to be affecting increasing numbers of people. His name is Chandra Suresh, and he’s been tracking the appearance of people with special abilities, the so-called ‘heroes’ across the globe, a mission that leads to his murder. Investigating his father’s suspicious death, Mohinder Suresh arrives at his dad’s New York apartment and restarts the research, unaware that it will make him a target.

Sendhil Ramamurthy plays Mohinder in Heroes, NBC’s – and now Sci-Fi Channel’s – huge hit series, but he never expected it to be as big as it’s become. “I really didn’t think it would get picked up, I thought it was a great script and I thought it was very different from everything that’s on television right now and it’s a big show, it’s very expensive, and I didn’t think it would catch on. More than that, I was worried that they wouldn’t give it a chance to catch on, and luckily for us the pilot did really well, we got some great numbers. I still kind of thought we’d get canned after six episodes and it’s just been like a runaway train. None of us expected it. Certainly none of the actors did. We were all trying to get another gig lined up before the pilot aired. We’re still worried that they’re not gonna be able to afford all of our salaries!”

Mohinder has experienced a lot of changes over the course of the season. Highly sceptical in the beginning, Ramamurthy pegs him as someone who “quite clearly has some serious daddy issues. He’s basically followed in his father’s footsteps for his whole life, being a genetics professor, but doesn’t quite go with his father on the whole ‘people are developing abilities all over the world’ thing. He thinks he’s crazy along with everybody else. And then it takes the murder of his father to convince him that maybe there was something in it and, in the beginning episodes, you see that conflict: ‘Do I believe in this, don’t I believe in this?’ He’s the most vacillating character in the show.

“It takes going back to India and dispersing his father’s ashes, [where] the dream guy shows up to convince him, okay, there is something to it. And now he’s back on track and actually has become very smart very quickly and now he’s a different character. He hits the ground running back in New York once he comes back from India and that’s how it’s stayed.”

He’s also flying solo after the recent demise of his confidante Eden McKenzie. “God, it’s a shame, she’s a great kisser,” says Ramamurthy, sadly. It’s been oft-repeated that not all of the heroes will survive to the end of the season, and Eden is only the first of several casualties. Is Ramamurthy concerned that he’ll be the next person to bite the dust? “We know that any of us can be killed off at any time. This is a show where they don’t have the problem that Lost has where they’re stuck on an island. How many planes can crash on the island bringing new people? Here you can bring in anybody new from anywhere you want, it’s very easy. We all know that some of us are gonna go and some are gonna stay and we’re prepared for that and we kiss the appropriate butts to make sure that we’re one of the ones that stay.”

by Paul Spragg

Read the full interview in
Cult Times #141

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Cult Times #141
June 2007
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