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Image copyright: see contents page of each issue. All other material © Visual Imagination 1998 - 2007
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Issue #137 • ships from Jan 24 2007
News-stand Price UK £3.99 / US $7.99


• The best new US show this season by a country mile finally reaches the UK, and we've got hold of the Golden Globe-nominated breakthrough star of the show, Masi Oka, for a chat about a world in which ordinary people are developing superpowers

James Callisas Dr Gaius BaltarBattlestar (2000s)
• Torture or sex? Star James Callis on his tricky choices playing Dr Gaius Baltar, unwanted by the Humans for betraying them and not especially loved by the Cylons…

Liz White as WPC Annie CartwrightLife on Mars
• As Sam Tyler continues to try to work out how he got to 1973 he needs friends to rely on, and no one more so WPC Annie Cartwright, as Liz White, who plays her, reveals…

Torri Higginson as Dr Elizabeth WeirStargate Atlantis
• It's not all work, work, work for Dr Elizabeth Weir. Her alter ego Torri Higginson explains that there's a fair bit of fighting and negotiating too - and even occasionally time for a date!

The Winchester brothersSupernatural
• The Winchester brothers are back. To find out what horrors are going to befall them in the second season, we hunted down creator/writer/executive producer Eric Kripke

Times Past
  • It's a Russell T Davies-a-thon this issue as our regular reviewer looks back to Christmas to examine the success or otherwise of Doctor Who's The Runaway Bride, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures

Out of the Box
  • A rundown of the best and brightest to be found across all the channels in February

You Should Be Watching
  • The Office: An American Workplace
    The US show that takes Gervais and Merchant's classic as inspiration and pushes office life to the limit and beyond…

Building a Better Genre Show
  • Part XV
    In the desperate quest for ratings, a good way to draw in the crowds is to make your show accessible to all generations. We take a look at the importance of family entertainment

Out of the Sack
  • Seen any top telly recently? Why not let us know so we can all tune in and love it? The address to write to is [email protected]

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Sci-Fi Channel, BBCtv, Warners

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2007. Not for reproduction

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