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Feature: Stargate SG-1

Dean There, Done That

Every shot counts

Richard Dean Anderson’s life is a happy one: plenty of time to spend with his daughter and to go skiing, and employed by a show he loves. If only he could remember anything about – what’s it called?
Stargate SG-1

It may be winter outside, but in Richard Dean Anderson’s heart it may as well be spring. He’s buoyed up and full of enthusiasm for this time of the year, as it means he can indulge in one of his favourite pastimes – skiing. Asked what besides his lovely daughter is filling his days now that Stargate SG-1 is on hiatus till a new – can you believe it? –eighth season commences, Anderson casually mentions, “I’m going to Alaska to do some heli-skiing. Then in January I’m going to Alberta and British Columbia for another skiing event to support the Bobby Kennedy Charity. Then, if I’m very lucky, I’m also going to try to sneak in another heliski trip up in BC before I return to work.”

Now, this reporter supports the very lovely Mr Anderson in almost all of his less conventional adventures. However, it has to be said that if the good Lord had meant us to fly up to the top of a mountain and then toss ourselves down the sides of it strapped to planks of wood or titanium or whatever said appendages are made from, then we’d all be doing it. Anderson shrugs such comments aside. “Oh, don’t you play that card on me,” he scoffs, “The good Lord didn’t make us with clothes, did he? And people do that almost every day… put on clothes, I mean.” A suggestion that not all of us are blessed with a body beautiful and that most wear clothes to protect innocent bystanders from an eyeful of something unpleasant gives him a moment’s pause. “Yeah! Well…” he goes on, hurriedly changing the subject, “Season Eight! Oh, how do I feel about our year eight? I feel fine about it.” In fact, Anderson is delighted that generous financial support from The Sci-Fi Channel has allowed the Stargate team to saddle up for yet another year. “I truly am delighted The Sci-Fi Channel and MGM wish to continue with what I believe is a terrific franchise.

“See, the way year Seven went for me was it accommodated the situation I wanted to be in with my daughter. At the end of Season Six she had just turned four and it was the start of what is an important stage of development in her life and I wanted to be present and available for her. After Season Six had wrapped, I talked to Brad Wright [co-creator] and Robert Cooper [executive producer] and it was apparent that we hadn’t really had any closure to the series. We just kind of left it hanging around there. So I made mention of that and I said, ‘You know, it’s still just a matter of time for me. If Wylie’s needs and my desire to be with her can be accommodated, I’d be happy to do it.’

by Thomasina Gibson

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